Les Bubbles

Les Bubbles, Fortitude Valley
Date night don't come often enough once you have kids! We had a free night as Grace had a sleepover at her grandparent's place. So we decided to visit Les Bubbles to check out their steak and unlimited fries.

Parking is always horrendous in the Valley, yes those street parking. We eventually found somewhere about few streets away and walked down to Les Bubbles. I was surprised that they are quite busy considering it a Wednesday night. Menu is straightforward because there is only ONE MAIN to choose from and with the entree, you can choose either the Camerbert OR the bone marrow.

As Mr has not tried the bone marrow before, we chose this to share. It came with some mustard, pickled radish, parsley and preserved lemon. You do need the acid to cut through the gelatinous and fatty bone marrow. It wasn't too bad but it is not something I would keep ordering in the future.

After our entree, we were given salad to start with. It was a simple lettuce salad…

Alcove Cafe and Deli

Alcove Cafe and Deli, Wilston It was a special Monday because that Monday was the last Monday Grace will be our only child. She knew that she would have a sibling soon but I don't think she understand how a new addition will change her life quite significantly. As she normally goes to childcare the rest of the week, I wanted to have breakfast with her and we chose Alcove.
Parking can be quite a challenge in this area but eventually manage to find some street parking. It is a counter service, so Mr had to order once we knew what to have. Unfortunately there is no kid's menu available so we tried to order something that she may have. 

Mr ordered their 'Alcove Breakfast' that came with poached eggs and the usual lots. We would like to change to scrambled eggs but unfortunately they only make either poached or fried eggs. In the end, Mr went with the fried eggs hoping that Grace would have some. The rest (bacon, haloumi and sweet potato mash) were quite good.

Malay House

Malay House, Underwood I think I may have found my favourite Malaysian restaurant in Brisbane! I have heard of Malay House but because it is located in Underwood, it is quite a travel for us to visit there. Thankfully opportunity arises and together with the in-law we went there for lunch.
It was already quite busy even though we arrived fairly early for lunch. Sharing the meals between four adults, I chose some signature Malaysian dishes to share. Firstly, the chicken satay. The marinade of the chicken satay was quite close to home and feels almost like the ones from home. The chicken was tender and not dry at all. The dipping sauce - peanut sauce was good.

Next up was the Hainanese chicken rice and I was blown by it. I think this place serves the best Hainanese chicken rice in Brisbane. I know it is a big call but you have to try it to judge it and let me know. The chicken pieces that they gave us included thigh and breast meat; and they were so tender. What's a good Hainanese chic…

Ben's Vietnamese

Ben's Vietnamese, Woolloongabba

Ben’s Vietnamese has been in Princess Plaza for years and it has not changed at all since my last visit (when I had my farewell lunch with colleagues prior to my maternity leave for Grace). This time together with Mr, we visited Ben’s for lunch. Quite a bit has changed in this complex and I have noted some new restaurants and bakery, which I am sure will attract the staffs from Mater Hospital.

I was craving for pho so we ordered their combination beef pho, and it did not disappoint. The broth was hearty and it was generous in terms of the beef and noodles. 

Our next dish was the grilled pork vermicelli salad and yum, it definitely hit the spot for me. The sliced vegetables were fresh, and I was not worried at all consuming them while pregnant. The grilled pork was so flavourful and tasty and could have eaten more on its own. Yum!
We used the Entertainment Voucher in this visit, making this lunch an even better deal. Now time to plan to head back there d…

Than Nuong Charcoal Vietnamese

Than Nuong Charcoal Vietnamese Restaurant, Woolloongabba
There was a deal from TheFork app just before Mother's Day and I grabbed this deal of 50% discount for Banquet menus at Than Nuong. Together with the in-law, we celebrated Mother's Day on that Saturday night. As the discount was only applicable to the banquet, I enquired upon arrival whether we could have 2 of Banquet 1 ($40pp) and 2 of Banquet 2 ($60pp) so that we could have a variety and thankfully, they did.

Entree of Banquet 2: soft shell crab, chargrilled quail and grilled local scallops with fresh lime

The entrees of both banquet were simple and satisfying with the exception of the chargrilled quail. As you can see from the picture, it was really charred. The quail was overcooked and relatively dry. Otherwise, every thing else was just moreish!

Mains of Banquet 1: We chose the Wagyu beef pho and also the prawn pho

Now for the mains: their pho was surprisingly good. The rice noodles used in Than Nuong seems like the fres…

MD's Italian Kitchen and Bar

MD's Italian Kitchen and Bar, Fortitude Valley
Has anyone heard of the EatClub app? If not, I recommend downloading this app in your phone ASAP as this is where you can get some last minute discounts/deals from various restaurants! As I was lazy to prepare dinner one night, I stumbled upon a 40% discount for MD's Italian Kitchen and Bar.
Together with Mr, we made our way to the Valley/New Farm trying to locate this restaurant. As always parking in New Farm can be challenging and after a few rounds, we managed to find one. As we walked into the restaurant, it felt rather empty for such a big restaurant. There were about 4-5 other patrons that night.

Service was prompt and attentive that night. As we were pretty hungry, I was keen to eat. To start with, we had the garlic ciabatta ($12) with balsamic. They were toasted nicely but I thought the garlic flavour could be stronger.

Our next entree was the arancini balls ($18). The crumbed surface was crispy and the flavour combination of …

Roti Place

Roti Place, Brisbane CBD
Roti Place in the city has recently relocated to Charlotte St, replacing the old Little Singapore that was previously there. I have been to the old Roti Place years ago and it did not leave much impression on me then. However, I have heard good things about it recently and Mr and myself visited it after my doctor's appointment.
Being Malaysian myself, I do have some high expectations of Malaysian food in Brisbane. Roti Place boast in specialising in making roti in their open roti kitchen and I had to try their basic roti - roti canai ($5.50). It comes with one piece of roti with a side of curry gravy. As I was sitting opposite the open kitchen, I managed to see the skilful girl making the roti from scratch. The roti was not too bad, my serve was not particularly crispy or flakey unfortunately. I think the one at Pappa Rich was much more flakey and crispy. The curry gravy was quite nice and spicy.

As I have been craving for Prawn Noodle Soup aka har mee ($14.5…