Saturday, March 10, 2018

Freja's Cafe

Freja's Cafe, Wilston
There is a new cafe in Wilston and it is known as Freja's Cafe! First heard of this place from fellow Instagrammers and finally made my way there not only once but twice so far. Street parking is quite plenty and this cafe is around the corner and fairly recognisable. The design is fairly modern and almost Scandinavian like.

On my first visit, I had their 'Eggs Benedict' which consisted of poached eggs, crispy bacon, hollandaise, herbed pesto, smoky crumble on sourdough bread. Freja's cafe served one of the most beautifully presented plate of meal and you can feel guilty by destroying the art... Everything on the plate was just perfect and well balanced, from the perfectly cooked poached eggs, to the crispy bacons, and the pesto adding some balance to the hollandaise sauce, and textural component from the smoky crumble. Delicious!

Poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise, herbed pesto

I brought Mr on a weekend, which can be quite a wait (took us about 30 minutes) but thankfully the meals did not disappoint again. This time I ordered the pancakes that came with strawberry gel, dried strawberries, cream cheese and I think strawberry parfait, with fairy floss. They were just so good... Usually the Mr is not a sweet tooth person, but he gave two thumbs up!

Strawberry pancakes

As for himself, he had the pulled beef cheek and macaroni croissant with fried egg. Gosh, it was too good to be true. The beef cheek very tender, and not dry at all and the meal itself tasted spectacular. It is definitely a heartier meal and after the long wait, we do not mind the extra calories... 

Pulled beef cheeks, macaroni, croissant

Besides these meals, they do sell some freshly baked goodies and I will have to return with Grace next time to try some croissants!  I have not had such good breakfast/brunch for a long time and this place is definitely a must try! Besides that, you always get lovely smiles from the members there and I think particularly the lady boss, maybe?

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oishii Sushi

Oishii Sushi Bar, Sunnybank Hills

Can anyone remember the heat wave we had in Brisbane on the 13th of January 2018? It was hot that day reaching probably up to 38C, and yet I was craving for some sushi. After much persuasion, I dragged Mr to Oishii Sushi Bar! Not sure whether it was our lucky or unlucky day as their AC broke down and they ran out of cold water, so they gave us free drinks instead! Talking about good service!

Their sushi menu is so tempting and I could have ordered more but we had a light lunch before heading out. They ran out of the 'Snake roll' that day, and we ended up ordering the 'Spider Roll', which is the tempura soft shell crab sushi. Mr, who is a fan of soft shell crab enjoyed it very much. 

Snake Roll
As for me who likes unagi, I ordered the 'Unatama Maki'. Unlike Kotobuki Sushi who includes cream cheese into their sushi, I much prefer the sushi roll here. They are just very well proportioned in terms of rice to meat ratio and you can definitely taste the freshness of their sushi. Just love it!

Unatama Maki

Our final sushi was the 'Himawari': deep fried marinated chicken with avacodo paste and wrapped with a thin layer of omelette instead of seaweed. 

We really enjoyed the sushi here from Oishii. They were indeed oishii! Despite the warmer environment, it certainly did not deter us from trying their food and I am so glad we persisted... So worth it! I cannot wait to return and this place will certainly be a regular. 

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Il Verde

Il Verde, Bowen Hills
There is new development around the Bowen Hills area and Mr and myself was quite impressed with this new area. We visited Il Verde for our two year wedding anniversary back in December last year before I flew back to Penang for my cousin's wedding. 

Il Verde is relatively big in comparison to its other counterparts along King St. There were indoor seating as well as outdoor seating, and with the cooler weather coming, I suspect most people would opt to sit outside. We were seated inside and directly opposite their big menu chalk board. 

Il Verde Menu

Service was prompt and soon enough we made our order. For entree, we had the 'Calamari fritti' and 'Saffron E Fontina Arancini'. The salt and pepper calamari was delicious, still tender and crispy at times. The arancini was not our favourite, possibly because the cheese in the arancini was not too our liking. 

Calamari fritti and Arancini

Well, to the mains now... I was so tempted to order pasta and try their orecchiette or even gnocchi, but just because I have not had risotto for a very long time, I just had to try their 'Risotto Frutti Di Mare'. The seafood risotto was perfect for me, the rice just soft and al dente enough with flavour all absorbed... Yum! The prawns, calamari and clams were all cooked well. The Mr even agreed it was spectacular.

Risotto Frutti Di Mare

For our next main, we ordered 'Diavola' pizza; with house made Italian sausage, roasted capsicum and infused chilli. The dough was thin, and crispy on the edges. There was a mild hint of heat in this pizza and it certainly was reaching just bearable for me! I have to blame Grace for this as we have been eating so plain at home. 

Diavola pizza

Dessert is a must for special occasion and just because I had tiramisu the previous day, I ordered the panna cotta instead. I had to say the presentation of the dessert was certainly not up there and hopefully the flavour does not reflect it. The panna cotta was wobbly, smooth and a decent one. It was a combination of honeycomb and candied orange, with chocolate.

Panna cotta

Il Verde is famous for its 'cheese wheel pasta' and I was disappointed that they have it only on certain days. Unfortunately, we could not have it on the day we got there. 😔 Till next time...

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