Friday, February 16, 2018

Il Verde

Il Verde, Bowen Hills
There is new development around the Bowen Hills area and Mr and myself was quite impressed with this new area. We visited Il Verde for our two year wedding anniversary back in December last year before I flew back to Penang for my cousin's wedding. 

Il Verde is relatively big in comparison to its other counterparts along King St. There were indoor seating as well as outdoor seating, and with the cooler weather coming, I suspect most people would opt to sit outside. We were seated inside and directly opposite their big menu chalk board. 

Il Verde Menu

Service was prompt and soon enough we made our order. For entree, we had the 'Calamari fritti' and 'Saffron E Fontina Arancini'. The salt and pepper calamari was delicious, still tender and crispy at times. The arancini was not our favourite, possibly because the cheese in the arancini was not too our liking. 

Calamari fritti and Arancini

Well, to the mains now... I was so tempted to order pasta and try their orecchiette or even gnocchi, but just because I have not had risotto for a very long time, I just had to try their 'Risotto Frutti Di Mare'. The seafood risotto was perfect for me, the rice just soft and al dente enough with flavour all absorbed... Yum! The prawns, calamari and clams were all cooked well. The Mr even agreed it was spectacular.

Risotto Frutti Di Mare

For our next main, we ordered 'Diavola' pizza; with house made Italian sausage, roasted capsicum and infused chilli. The dough was thin, and crispy on the edges. There was a mild hint of heat in this pizza and it certainly was reaching just bearable for me! I have to blame Grace for this as we have been eating so plain at home. 

Diavola pizza

Dessert is a must for special occasion and just because I had tiramisu the previous day, I ordered the panna cotta instead. I had to say the presentation of the dessert was certainly not up there and hopefully the flavour does not reflect it. The panna cotta was wobbly, smooth and a decent one. It was a combination of honeycomb and candied orange, with chocolate.

Panna cotta

Il Verde is famous for its 'cheese wheel pasta' and I was disappointed that they have it only on certain days. Unfortunately, we could not have it on the day we got there. 😔 Till next time...

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

B+C Lab Cafe

B+C Lab Cafe
Anyone loves matcha? Then you really need to visit this cafe. After seeing the matcha crepe cakes from B+C Lab cafe in Instagram, I have been waiting for the right time to visit it. Despite being so eager to visit, taking Grace there would not be a good idea because she would not be able to eat anything (lol, not allowed at this stage)

So after lunch at Burger Urge, Mr and myself walked across the road to the cafe. You would miss this cafe if you do not focus. Follow the white tiles and you will find it. Once inside, you will not miss the glass cabinet display of their cakes selection. They had the Earl Grey crepe cakes special that day but I had to give it a pass for my matcha crepe cakes.

Matcha Crepe Cake

First of all, check out the vibrant green matcha colour. To me, that means B+C Lab do not skimp on the matcha (which is imported all the way from Japan). The crepe cake was heavenly with a very well balanced flavour of matcha and sweetness. It was creamy, smooth and just so good. Even the Mr enjoyed it.

Paris Brest

Besides that, we ordered the Matcha Paris Brest that is some sort like choux pastry with matcha cream and a side of matcha latte. The Paris Brest was quite good, lighter than the crepe cake. The charcoal choux was light, still quite crispy on the outside with generous amount of the matcha custard cream like. 

Matcha Latte

My matcha latte was also quite good. The barista at B+C Lab cafe works hard in individualising each cup of drink with some sort of artwork and this is rather impressive. I just thought my matcha latte could have a stronger matcha flavour (probably because I like matcha so much).

This is certainly one of my go to dessert place for now. I cannot wait for my next trip! 

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Burger Urge

Burger Urge, Kelvin Grove
Are you a burger fanatic? I do not consider myself as one but would want to enjoy a good decent burger. I have tried some of the restaurants in the Kelvin Grove village and yet to try the Burger Urge there.

As part of the lunch specials, we ordered the 'Boston Cheese' and 'Pineapple Express' burgers that came with sides of small chips and a soft drink. Mr opted for the healthy drink which is plain water while I had lemonade. Shortly after our meals arrived and they looked tasty.

Boston Cheese
Mr's Boston Cheese burger came with prime ground Australian beef, American style cheddar, pickles, BU special sauce, aioli and salad. His glazed milk bun burger was soft and a little smaller than my sesame seed bun. Overall, it was a good burger and a delicious one.

Pineapple Express
Pineapple and chicken in a burger? Ya, I do not mind them. The combination was quite refreshing from the pineapple but that means the juice is just dripping when you bite on to the burger. It was quite a nice burger. The chips here were pretty good especially dipped into the tomato sauce or aioli sauce (which is $1 extra each).

Overall, Burger Urge here is one of the good dining options in the Kelvin Grove village. The service was indeed exceptional and the guy there was friendly and approachable. Thank you.  

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