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First day!

First sight of Rotterdam! We (mom, bro and myself) took an overnight cruise from UK to Rotterdam, Netherlands. The sleep was all right although i have to sleep on the top bunk. We were so tired that day by the time we reached UK from Abu Dhabi; especially me who flew there on the same day i arrived Malaysia. Upon arrival, we drove to Rotterdam city. The first thing to tackle was to find a parking space and learn how to pay for the parking ticket!
So, this is their street parking machine without any english instructions. So what happened was my brother asked me to ask a lady about using this machine since it is easier for a woman to talk to another 'woman'. "Fine", I said. Later, we were laughing because she wasn't an actual 'lady' at all, she/he is probably a transvestite. Jokingly, i told my brother that you should have asked him. Hehe! Paid for the ticket and we went for a walk around the city. Coincidentally, there was a parade (soldiers, police, marine…