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Brown Dog Cafe

Brown Dog Cafe, Woolloongabba
Let's just say I may already be biased before writing this post up. Why? because it has the word 'Dog' in it and that is the reason I wanted to give this place a visit. :)

Not too far away from Pearl Cafe, lies the lonely, secluded Brown Dog Cafe. The cafe lies on the corner of Logan Road with lots of outdoor parking available. The cafe is pretty small offering both outdoor and indoor seats. Simco and I got there on one of the weekends and had to sit outdoor; simple and small 3-pc wooden table and stools. 
The food they offer is too simple for my liking (no poached eggs ...). After deciding, I walked to the register and gave my orders (counter service only). I just realised that they operate only on one/two kitchen grills (hence the simple menu) and a coffee machine. 
Shortly after, our drinks arrived:
Although it was pretty warm that day, I still ordered my usual skinny flat white. It was pretty good. Simco ordered a chocolate milk shake instead; …

Flute Fine Food

Flute Fine Food, Coorparoo
I promised a friend to help her move. Seeing that I had some time to kill before the scheduled time, I searched for a nearby cafe and found Flute. I didn't know that Cream Patisserie Boulangerie is just beside Flute. Both were equally filled with bustling customers. Quickly, I was shown to a table by a cheerful and friendly waitress.

Looking at the menu, it does seem that their food prices are on the higher end and there wasn't much choice. Oh well, I finally ordered the 'Roasted Red Pepper & Haloumi Stack' and a chai latte. 
The food arrived first and my chai arrived after eating at least 1/4 of my meal. *Not that happy* Back to the food, the one-piece haloumi was well-hidden under the humongous red pepper. I expected more haloumi actually. Looking at the poached eggs, I was quite disappointed because it's obvious that they used a poached egg gadget ... Oh well, at least the stuffed red pepper did not disappoint. The combination of cous…

Harajaku Gyoza

Harajaku Gyoza, Fortitude Valley
Welcome readers-san!
I'm cutting my own queue here. I have a few more posts before this but thought I should blog about Harajaku Gyoza when it is still 'hot', maybe?
Simco and myself visited this place on Monday at about 6 pm. Well, luckily we were 5 minutes early! No need to wait in the queue, yay!
Harajaku Gyoza is about dumplings and beer. They serve the gyoza (grilled or poached) izakaya-style with side dishes, beer, wine and sake. From Wikipedia, izakaya is a compound word consisting of 'i' = to stay and 'sakaya' = sake shop. Does that mean it is more like a bar then? 
Anyway, Simco ordered a sake. A Japanese waitress came to our corner with a big bottle of sake. Then, she started shouting SAKE!SAKE! SAKE! SAKE! SAKE!            Well, the rest of the workers helped her along ... Oh my! I certainly didn't want the attention of other people looking at our corner. I was giggling away while Simco was trying to keep his cool.…

A day of self-indulgence!

Willow and Spoon, Enoggera
I was happy and thankful that Friday. After a celebration dinner in Karma Indian & Nepalese Restaurant, I was still craving for more good yummy food the following day. Again, I made an impromptu drive to the northside and visited Willow and Spoon. I drove past here when I went to Grub Street
Walking into the cafe, I helped myself to one of the corners. Yes, I'm dining alone (it can be an enjoyment or a curse sometimes). It was difficult deciding ... I knew that it has to be savoury! Finally, I walked to the counter (counter service only) and ordered a skinny flat white and 'The Drunken Pig'.
It didn't take that long for coffee to arrive. I think it's pretty good. Have to say that I love the clam-shaped spoon! The caffeine definitely gave me the boost to last through the day.
I nearly finished my coffee but my drunken pig is still out of sight ... I was getting thirsty but water is nowhere to be seen ... Finally, a worker 'saw' m…

Karma Indian & Nepalese Cuisine

Karma Indian & Nepalese Cuisine, New Farm

I was supposed to attend a friend's double celebration last Friday. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well and she had to cancel her party. Emmm... I was disappointed (I was all dressed up!). Luckily, Simco was nearby and I asked him whether he wanted dinner that night. Yes!
We went to Karma Indian & Nepalese in New Farm. There wasn't many people in the restaurant in comparison to its neighbours. Anyway, we braved ourselves and took a seat outdoor. Since it's a combination of both Indian and Nepalese restaurant, we tried to order food from both types of cuisine.
Caution ahead! *Sorry for the poor photo qualities. I misplaced my camera charger and have to use my old camera* 
Free pappadums (cumin flavoured):
Entree 1 (Nepalese) : This dish has grilled chicken breast marinated with lemon juice and spices, served on a bed of salad.It's a cold dish. I got no idea what spices they used and both of us find this dish to be inte…


Ponycat, New Farm

Craving for some hearty breakfast? Why don't you head up to New Farm? This area doesn't disappoint with so many cafes available around Brunswick Street. G and I went to  Ponycat on a Saturday. I have been driving past this cafe for a couple of times and finally I had the chance to give it a go. :)
It was pretty full when both of us walked in. Finally, we got a seat and just take note that their menu is on the 'blackboard'. Luckily the writing was legible and luckily I was facing the board. Poor G that she has to keep on turning her neck to look at it. 
One thing you will notice that they don't have poached eggs! Quite disappointing actually... We have the options of scrambled or fried eggs only. :( Keeping myself away from sweet breakfast or non-poached eggs, I finally decided on the sweet potato & corn pancakes while G had the grilled field mushrooms.
Guess what?!? After my amazing chai latte in Comfort At My Table, I had to order a chai latte he…