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These are my beloved dogs!

I've been so busy lately! So, what have I been up to? Mostly get all the cleaning done; even though classes have been cancelled for the past two weeks (due to severe flooding); it seems there is still quite a 'mountain' of house chores to do.

Anyway, these are my four beloved dogs!!!!

During my two weeks holiday at home, I will usually take them out for a walk in the garden during the evening. I've never taken a picture of all of them together and one day, i decided to put them on the swing. In that way, they will all stay still! Not sure whether it can be seen in this pic, but their legs were sort of stuck in between the 'grills'. Hehe, I'm being a bit cruel here but don't worry, they were in no pain at all! At least they all received a good treat later on! =)

This is the best picture I can take from them. Trying to make weird sounds or calling out their names but they all seem to ignore me.

So, what's their personality?
From the oldest to the young…

Second day: Belgium!