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Day 3 and 4: Germany!

Finally, after Brussels, we made our way to Germany! The country where supposedly you can drive without a maximum speed limit? It is definitely an experience driving onGerman autobahnen 'autobahn'. With a little persuasion to my brother and mom, i get to drive too! The night before i managed to brush up my manual driving skills after not driving a manual car for a few years. The car engine died a couple of times, hehe! But, good thing, the engine did not died in the motorway. It was such an adrenaline rush just driving in Germany, everyone else is so fast, i was in the middle lane and already at about 140-150 km/h, imagine the fast lane!

During the stop here, we had Chinese dinner. Yup, Chinese dinner in Germany! And i can clearly remember that it was the same restaurant we went during my last trip to Germany. How ironic is that? i My memory is becoming bad now. I don't remember what we did after Koln... I think we continued our journey to Frankfurt and overnight there... T…