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When I was younger, I like to play or blow bubbles! I even tried making the soapy solution in the bathroom when I have my showers. They never really worked and cannot be compared to the commercial bubble solution. It has been very long since i last played with them until last year when I had my elective.

Babies or young kids particularly dislike or feel uncomfortable when facing the doctors or nurses. The only way to make them comfortable or stop crying is to make them happy. The trick is to have stickers, lollipops and finally bubbles (especially to get the attention of babies!). Well, to distract the babies, the nurse or myself will blow the bubbles and they will just look in awe... That brings back my memories...

Trying to blow the biggest bubble or try to burst the bubbles my brother had blown. Even better if I can blow two bubbles at once... I just finished watching a video and somehow the lecturer started talking about bubbles (that is why I am writing all these). As a child, I …

Rouen, France

Last day in France! So sad... I need more time here!
Anyway, I woke up in the morning and my cousin was already preparing 'Hainanese chicken rice' for lunch (obviously his own version of chicken rice).

Recipe (without measurement):

Boil chicken thighs in a pot of boiling water. But before that, make sure you blanch the thighs with hot water first so that the soup will not be murky.Retain the chicken broth/soup to cook the rice. Rough estimate: 1 cup of soup to 1 cup of rice. Add slices of ginger to the rice before cooking. (I think my cousin added some Maggi chicken rice seasoning too!)Marinade for the chicken thighs: some oyster sauce, honey and dark soy sauce. Heat/Roast them in the oven for maybe 15 minutes or until they are brown.Not to forget: homemade chili and garlic condiment to accompany the rice. In a blender, add chili (preferably fresh chilies), garlic, vinegar and sugar. Well, that's just the rough idea of cooking the chicken rice. I really don't have the…