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Attachment Theory

Attachment theory describes the dynamics of long term relationships between humans especially in families or life-long friends. Attachment means an affectional bond or tie between an individual and an attachment figure. The bonds can be reciprocal between two adults or between a child and a caregiver (the child’s need for safety, security and protection). Well, you can read the whole information from Wikipedia or other resources.
So, why am I writing about this? It happened a few days ago when I was undertaking my SHAP project. I was in the waiting lounge in a general practice and I saw a young family (dad, mom and a young daughter – 3 yo maybe?) waiting for a consultation. Few minutes later, the mom got called in and dad + daughter were waiting in the waiting area. The young girl started crying when she could not find or see her mom. Even though her dad tried to console her, she could not stop crying and it got even louder! Dad performed a futile job! Not only until her mom came out, …