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A Week's Break - Part 3

Stop 6: Campos, Fortitude Valley

I had an appointment for a haircut in Fortitude Valley that day and since it's in Fortitude Valley, I have a valid reason to visit Campos again. Hehe! Campos is quite difficult to find, the place is situated just beside St James Market. You have to walk down the alley way to enter the restaurant. There used to be seats in the alley but they have removed them due to some dispute with their neighbours. I guess there will be longer wait for us next time!

There is usually a long queue in Campos but I was lucky that day. After about 5 minutes wait, I was seated. My meal came about 15-20 minutes later. While waiting, I read the ' The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby'.  The meal itself was quite delicious, I was wishing for more sauce actually. I can't remember the sauce now, maybe hollandaise sauce? Campos has one of the best coffees! Not a coffee expert myself, but I do like their coffees, good flavour and consistency. I w…

A Week's Break - Part 2

Stop 4: Cirque, New Farm

Finally, my housemate (G) is free from work and together, we went to New Farm for breakfast/brunch. G had been to Cirque once and she said it was OK and that day, we were going to give it another go!

Cirque, quite a small cafe compared to others. There was only about  five or six square tables inside and two outdoor tables. We got there about 10.40 am and managed to get a seat outside. I ordered a cappuccino first before deciding on the main dish.
Not too sure what I should order, I decided to order one of the specials of the day! G ordered the hotcakes instead. I always prefer savoury breakfast than sweet options. Nevertheless, both were yummy!

I have never tried polenta before and I think that it is quite delicious. To me, the texture is quite similar to mashed potatoes but with more 'kick' and flavour to it. The hotcakes were fluffy and the sauce was not too sweet. The pistachio praline added some texture to the dish, adding a bit of crunch! Considering…

A Week's Break! - Part 1

Finally, I have my well deserving break! Let the food escapade begins! This is going to be a pretty long post ...

Stop 1: Salt, Rosalie
Finally free from studying, I decided to treat myself with a good breakfast/brunch. My housemate recommended me to go to Salt (just beside Sing's Kitchen). Why not? I arrived there at about 11.15 am and luckily, breakfast menu was still up! 

I ordered the mushrooms and a cup of cappuccino. The coffee was pretty good (although I am not a coffee expert) and the coffee was dusted with chocolate powder with hints of sugar, which is different from other cap I had before. The main meal was huge! I thought to myself, whether I can finish it when the waitress put in on my table. Well, I did! Overall, it was a pretty good dish but I think there can still be some improvement to it such as having some sauce for the mushrooms. Unfortunately, the Turkish bread was not as good. It was so difficult to 'cut' the bread with the knife. It was a good experience…


After France, we went back to London and made our way to Manchester. Let the pictures do the talking and I will write less in this post. There were bad memories in London and I don't really want to talk about them. Do you ever wonder whether the smile in photos you have seen is genuine or being forced? Something to ponder upon....
Since brother had been in London for numerous times, he knew exactly where and how to take us there. He asked where we wanted to go and I just replied: All the touristy attractions! Without a question, we wanted to see the Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Oxford St, Big Ben, Londoneye and the lists goes on... I have actually been to most of the places since I was in London a couple of years ago but mom haven't been here. Those were just some of the places we visited. There were more pics but .... Anyway, we continued our journey back to Manchester! I remembered that brother was getting tired and sleepy so I drove the rest of the journey back to Manches…