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Trang, West End
Wow, can you believe it that Trang sits on the number 2 spot on 'Best Brisbane Restaurants' list? I can't, unfortunately.
Few weeks ago, BG and myself had a late dinner in Trang. We arrived there at about 8 ish pm and there was still a queue. Seriously? Even on a Thursday night? After about 5-10 minutes wait, we got our seats and opted to sit outside. Luckily, the weather was not as hot as it is right now.
Menu was given promptly. BG had no problem deciding what he want while I was contemplating between a noodle or rice dish. 

First, we ordered the pork and prawn spring rolls. 

The spring rolls were pretty decent, with its usual vermicelli, mint, prawns, pork and lettuce. Dipping sauce is pretty good too.
BG ordered his usual: Grilled pork with vermicelli

Hmm... Based on his look, I don't think that this dish was as good as the one we had in Tan Thanh, Inala. The vermicelli ratio seems to be a lot more than the vege (lettuce, bean sprouts and carrots) and the …

Comfort At My Table

Comfort At My Table, Milton
Few Sundays ago, MXM and myself went to Comfort at My Table for brunch to have a final catch-up for the year before his flight back to NZ. I have been here a couple of times and the first time was my birthday last year. Like the name of the cafe, it is comforting to eat here and the ambience is really nice. I would say that this place has more feminine touch than other places. Nevertheless, I still recommended it to MXM, hehe!

It was such a hot day! Therefore, MXM opted for an iced ginger tea instead of his usual coffee. Anything with ginger will make MXM happy. The tea was refreshing and thankfully for me (I'm not a huge fan of ginger), the flavour of the ginger and star anise was really subtle.
For myself, I ordered a chai latte. The first sip of the creamy, frothy chai was so blissful. I smiled to MXM and told him:
Me    :  'Wow, this is so good and creamy!' MXM  :  'Did you asked for a skinny chai?' Me    :   Oh crap! I forgot ....
Well, lu…

3 of 27: Swimming with dolphins?

3rd mission accomplished: Swimming with dolphins?

I am not sure whether this wishlish should be ticked off or not. Well, I was in close contact with a dolphin named Rani but I certainly did not swim with her... Maybe you guys should be the judges and help me!
Finally G finished her exams and both of us visited Moreton Island last Saturday. G tried to visit as many places as she can before going back to her country for good. We left the Holt St Wharf at 7.30 am and the journey took about 75 minutes before arriving at the Tangalooma Island Resort. The weather was good: clear and sunny! Well, too sunny for me and luckily I brought along my sunblock and umbrella with me. Do you know what is the important 5 'S' for sun protection?
'Slip, slop, slap, seek and slide'Sun Protection
We booked the 'Dolphin Feeding Cruise' @ $95 per person. Besides the return travel by ferry, the highlight of this package is having the chance to hand feed one of the wild bottlenose dolphins t…

Little Singapore

Little Singapore, Sunnybank
Hmm... after consuming only muesli bars, carrots and some chocolates during the long hike in Springbrook National Park, no doubt my stomach started to growl on the way home. Luckily, one of the guys suggested to have dinner before getting home. Phew!
Then it came to the time of deciding where to go ... I hate this part when you don't have any particular place you want to visit and we want it to be cheap, fast and still open during the night (it was 8ish that time). Well, I think Sunnybank does fit the criteria above!
Finally, the three of us stepped into Little Singapore. I have been here a few times and do enjoy the food they served (roti canai, nasi lemak but not the bak kut teh though). Glancing the menu, AS was quick to decide that he wanted the 'Malaysian Char Kway Teow'. Dammit, that was my first choice! We also ordered a dry curry noodle with chicken and BBQ pork and one of their specialties dish : Hainanese chicken rice. 

The winner of the n…

Birthday dinner: Caravanserai

Caravanserai, West End
This post is nearly two months overdue. We went to Caravanserai for my birthday dinner in September. After a surprise birthday cake at home, a couple of friends and myself went to this Turkish restaurant, located at 1 Dornoch Terrace in West End.
You will not miss the restaurant! The walls are painted in red, tables are lined with some traditional quilt work or designs and the hanging on the walls are some local Turkish/Mediterranean ornaments. Stepping into the restaurant, you can see an open kitchen and our table was facing it. Can you believe it that there's only one chef and one kitchen hand preparing food for their diners? That, I think explains the long service time we had that night.
Are the food worth the wait?!?

I ordered the shish kebap. It was pretty good actually. The chicken pieces were really tender and were chargrilled to perfection. The housemade tomato sauce is really tasty too with hints of spiciness to it. Overall, the flavour combination was …

2 of 27: An impromptu decision - Hiking!

2nd Mission Accomplished: Springbrook National Park

It was an unplanned decision. After a few exchanges of messages, three people (two guys + one girl) and a car travelled about 110 km to Springbrook National Park. Halfway driving, I realised that I had forgotten a crucial thing - SALT! Nope, I wasn't talking about the movie but the mineral that composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl). 
Why? because there's leeches in Springbrook National Park! My past Girl Guides experience (very little actually) reminded me that salt is actually useful in removing leeches if they managed to feed on you. However, wikipedia says otherwise (info here). 
Our mission for the day was to complete the 'Warrie circuit', which is classified as Class 4 track, 17 km return and needs about 5-6 hours walking time. Well, since this was an impromptu trip, we arrived there at about 1 pm and officially started tracking at 1.30 pm. I have my doubt from the beginning whether I can complete the trip at…

Sugo Mi

Sugo Mi, Bulimba

I am so way behind with the posting but I will catch up somehow!

JenL and I visited Sugo Mi about two weeks ago and I just have the time to blog about it now. Both of us had been talking about catching up for ages but never have the chance to do so. Finally, we managed to have dinner in Sugo Mi, Bulimba. She heard that they produce great pizza and lets see whether Sugo Mi lives up to the reputation.

I have never been to Bulimba before and I think it is quite an exciting area, with so many restaurants nearby enticing me to give them a visit one day!

We arrived there early and had no trouble finding a table (we were their second guests ...). We  already had pizza and mussels in mind, so it did not take that long to make a decision except to choose which pizza we want (Menu). There were so many choices ...
I hope the pizza does live up to its expectation:

We ordered the rosso pizza: Prosciutto with sugo.
Pizza arrived on a wooden plate, accompanied by a pizza cutter. It was def…

My Thai Restaurant

My Thai Restaurant, Auchenflower
Finally, my holiday has started (well, sort of) before I start to embark on another journey on Monday. 
After 'Relay for Life', I rushed home, get changed and rushed to My Thai Restaurant for dinner at 8 pm with G. Bookings are necessary for this place, especially on a Saturday. There is two booking time: one at 5.30 pm and another at 8 pm. I chose the later one knowing that I will be late. 
Walking into the restaurant, you can definitely feel like you have step into one of the restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. Waitresses were all dressed up in their traditional Thai costumes, the gold paint in the restaurant and not to forget the presence of holy statues.

Both of us were starving by then. We ordered the chicken satay for entree.
The chicken satay was really tender and soft; they were definitely grilled and not cooked using the traditional way which is over the charcoal. In comparison to the peanut sauce I had back in Malaysia which is usually crunc…