A day of self-indulgence!

Willow and Spoon, Enoggera

I was happy and thankful that Friday. After a celebration dinner in Karma Indian & Nepalese Restaurant, I was still craving for more good yummy food the following day. Again, I made an impromptu drive to the northside and visited Willow and Spoon. I drove past here when I went to Grub Street

Walking into the cafe, I helped myself to one of the corners. Yes, I'm dining alone (it can be an enjoyment or a curse sometimes). It was difficult deciding ... I knew that it has to be savoury! Finally, I walked to the counter (counter service only) and ordered a skinny flat white and 'The Drunken Pig'.

Willow and Spoon's Menu
It didn't take that long for coffee to arrive. I think it's pretty good. Have to say that I love the clam-shaped spoon! The caffeine definitely gave me the boost to last through the day.

Skinny Flat White
I nearly finished my coffee but my drunken pig is still out of sight ... I was getting thirsty but water is nowhere to be seen ... Finally, a worker 'saw' my desperate plea for water, well, sort of.

Finally, 'The Drunken Pig' was presented on my table. I do hope it is good. I was starving.

The Drunken Pig (top view) - $ 18
Cider braised pig belly, green hash, apple, pickled walnut and fried egg
Side View
Guess what?!? It was superbly delicious! I was smiling after my first bite of the pork belly. The meat was so soft, tender and flavourful. I cannot describe it any better. The sweetness of the apple complements the braised pork. If only the rind/skin is crispy, I will give this dish a near 100%. The green hash aka mashed potatoes with peas and spring onions was awesome. The hash was coated with breadcrumbs (fried to perfection!) giving it a crunchy crusted hash cake. Love it!

The cafe is doing a 'promotion' right now. Before leaving, they gave each customer an envelope with prizes in it. Sorry, I did peek (not realising how thin the envelope was) and I knew what's my prize going to be. Oops!

I may be back one day (not for the prize) but definitely for the braised pork belly again! 

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Monty's Chocolates, Paddington

Even though it was a hot day, I developed a sudden craving for a good hot chocolate in the afternoon. I tried Max Brenner's before but I don't like their hot chocolate. You cannot compare Max Brenner's to Koko Black. Finally, after researching Urbanspoon, I went to Monty's Chocolates. It's a cute little boutique chocolate cafe/shop. Again, counter-service only! 

Tossing between a chocolate macaron ($2.80), hot chocolate ($5.95) and the sample plate, I finally decided to try their 'Monty's Chocolate Sample Plate for one'.

Monty's Chocolate Sample Plate for one -$11.80
Handmade chocolate, liquid salted caramel
selection of French chocolate fruit and nut candies
chocolate coated cocoa beans
single origin chocolate
sample of their fresh daily hot chocolate

Closer shot of the liquid salted caramel!
The chocolates were pretty good. Too bad there's only ONE of the salted caramel! The hot chocolate was smooth, thick and creamy. It has definitely satisfied my cravings for the day. I had to take-away some of the leftover chocolates.

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