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Tea Master

Tea Master, Fortitude Valley
I was at home preparing dinner before I got a surprise invite to go to Tea Master (which serves vegetarian food only) in the Valley. Oh well... my fried rice can wait! This was another visit after purchasing a voucher deal for $19 that includes 2 of entrees, main and drinks.

It was a Friday night and it was so packed! Therefore, booking is highly recommended. Looking through the menu, they have so much on offer and it was so difficult to decide! 

For starters, we had:

1) Mixed braised dried beancurd, seaweed and vege mince roll ($4.90)

This is more of a cold entree. The tofu was soft and fresh. I think both of us don't fancy the seaweed. It was quite slimy and I much prefer the dry seaweed.

2) Deep fried veggie chicken with pepper and salt ($4.90)

I quite like this dish, crispy-ly fried mock chicken! Maybe an alternative to KFC for those who are vegetarian. :)

Hehe, still feeling tempted by their menu, we ordered extra starters (which need to be paid extra). 


Parkland Restaurant

Parkland Chinese Restaurant, Sunnybank

Not too long ago, I bought the voucher for 'All You Can Eat Dim Sum' for two people in Parkland Restaurant. I took SaC along for this occassion. Having heard from his friends who visited Parkland before, we can actually request for one piece of the dim sum (fried food) instead of the whole usual three pieces. Why you may ask? So that we can try a variety of food without getting ourselves too full...

Various assortment of fried food (spring rolls, meat dumplings, prawn with almond fritters and much more)...

Besides these, we tried their BBQ pork buns and other seafood dumplings as well. Their dim sums were actually pretty good. Their 'Har Gow' quite delicious, with a good thickness of translucent skin. Another notable dish was its seafood dumplings in soup, with mock shark fins. I much prefer their steamed dim sums than their fried dish on offer. I tried their desserts including the mango pudding (too sweet) and mango pancakes (too mu…


Wagaya, Fortitude Valley (Revisited)
Treasure of memories in Wagaya on the 1st of September! The food does play a part but there is another significant reason post-Wagaya. Anyway, what did Wagaya offer us then? 
We tried a variety of food, clicking away on the electronic menu...
Dish no 1: Chicken NANBAN & tartar sauce It was quite a normal dish, nothing spectacular with the chicken except being tender and not overly dry.

Dish no 2: Spider Roll
Soft shell crab with spicy mayonnaise, not too bad. I actually still prefer the soft shell crab hand rolled sushi (below).

Dish no 3 (special): Grilled eel and prawn box sushi
One of my favourite dish of the night! I love grilled eel and the combination with prawns and dashimaki egg does offer a moreish effect. Yum!

Dish no 4: Korean style pizza
The Korean style pizza is quite interesting, with a thin crispy base loaded with toppings and cheese. Pretty good!

Dish no 5 (special): Mix tuna sashimi sushi box
This is also one of the special sushi on offer …

The Burrow

The Burrow, West End
The weather was insanely crazy on Saturday (17th Nov). Not having any psychic ability to predict the weather, MXM and myself made our way to West End for brunch. Just right at the corner before The Burrow, the hail and storm struck us! Should we abort the mission and wait for the storm to pass?
Finally, after sheltering in the car for 15 minutes, the sun appeared... It is time for some food!
The Burrow was sort of 'flooded' too with water dripping down and some tables were wet. Luckily, we found some seats and quickly ordered at the counter.

MXM had his long black while this time I opted for a cappuccino. 

Their coffee is actually pretty good. After the rain settled, there was a long queue of people getting takeaway coffees.
Reading through the menu, I was tossing between the cider braised pork belly or the pulled pork tinga. Finally, I surrendered to the pork belly.

Presentation wise, it is really appealing with the myriad of colours. However, I was really disap…

Melbourne: Manchester Press Cafe

Melbourne: Manchester Press Cafe
It was my last day in Melbourne and my flight back to Brisbane was around noon. Not wanting to miss out on any brekkie that Melbourne CBD can offer, I quickly made my way to Manchester Press Cafe, walking under the rain (typical Melbourne's weather). I did not realise that I have walked past Rankins Lane for a couple of times while buying my skinny flat white from Brother Baba Budan (possibly the best coffee I had in Melbourne).

I got there before their opening times and was just waiting outside, snapping pictures away! Finally, they opened and I walked inside! It is huge with multiple sharing tables, huge poster hanging... I like it and was wishing that Brisbane's cafe has something similar.

Reading through their menu, they offer bagels with the options of 'closed' or 'open' with a choice of wholemeal, plain, sesame seed or poppy seed. Everything look very inviting and interesting but I finally opted for a vegetarian option. I had…


Spring, Brisbane CBD
'Celebrating Australia's Seasons'
Finally, exams are over and I have time for blogging...
I brought a special friend of mine to Spring in August for his birthday. Looking through Spring's website, I realised that they have changed to a new menu. 
Spring exudes a really nice ambience with its decorations and furniture. I love them!

For starters, we had the fresh baked bread with farmhouse cultured butter.

It has been months since we last visited Spring... I can still remember that the butter was really soft and fluffy! The bread was all right.
Following that, we had an entree:

Prior to ordering, I had no clue as to what 'rillettes' mean until the dish was served in front of us. It is sort of like a pate, rabbit meat that had possibly been cooked in fat prior to being shredded. It tasted quite similar to chicken meat. 

A closer shot of the rabbit rillette with prune. It is interesting to taste the contrasting flavour of the salty rillette with the swe…