Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel, Woolloongabba

Date visited: 13th Dec 2011

That day, there was about 8 of us who went to Morrison Hotel for lunch. It was a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues but unfortunately, her daughter wasn't feeling that well and she had to skip it. The irony was that, this was supposed to be her farewell lunch. 

Oh well, eight hungry tummies still needed to be fed and all of us headed there ... It was pretty busy that time since other groups/companies were having their Christmas celebrations.

No steak for me and therefore, I opted for the Atlantic Salmon.

Atlantic Salmon - $27.90
Brushed with lemon butter and grilled, placed on a salad of chat potatoes,
steamed green beans, red onion, cherry tomatoes, pitted kalamata olives
lightly dressed with a honey and seeded mustard mayonnaise
In comparison to others, the serving size was pretty small but still fulfilling. The salmon skin was grilled to perfection (like the crispiness). The waitress earlier said that they usually cook the salmon medium but I think it was well-done for me. Love the salad!

Petite Eye Fillet - $28.90
This cut of beef is the most tender of them all ...
Before leaving to Morrison, a few of us had a quick tutorial from wikipedia about the various body parts of the cow. I think that's more difficult than the human anatomy actually. :) 

All the males in the group ordered steak. They cleaned their plates until strikingly clean (well, sort of). So, I am guessing that they must be pretty good.

These are some of the meals we had that day:

Pork Cutlet - $26.90
Char grilled Barkers Creek pork cutlet with prawns and smoky BBQ sauce,
served with potato and Caesar salad

Herb and Parmesan Chicken - $25.90
Chicken breast crumbed with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese,
with Napoli sauce, bacon, cheese
served with Caesar salad and wedges
ST had the parmesan chicken. Oh my! The serving was huge!

Daintree - $ 18.50
Bacon, chicken, pepperoni, tomato and avocado
on a garlic, tomato base topped with a sour cream swirl
It was a good lunch (always a good excuse to escape from the work), hehe. Even better when the boss said he will pay $20 for each meal for us. The food was pretty decent and the atmosphere was pretty lively then.

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