Swampdog, South Brisbane

Date visited: 7th Jan

Dear readers,

I'm cutting my own queue again. There's a few more posts before this but I thought I should write this now. And it is going to be a while before I start posting again. I will be away next week celebrating CNY and my best friend's wedding at home. Yup, I'll be flying off to 'The Pearl of the Orient'. I can't wait! :D

Back to Swampdog!
It's a pretty cool place except for parking. We parked in Southbank and walked there.  Some exercise before indulging in fried food + salad. :) The menu is on the blackboard and it's counter-service. I saw some ipads (displaying their website) on the counter, so maybe that's available to peruse before ordering.

Simco had the fish and chips - local line caught mackerel with chips.

Local line caught mackerel with chips - $10.90
He wanted his fish battered. I would have like them crumbed actually. So, the fish and chips came with a huge serving of chips and side salad. Fresh salad and pretty awesome chips. I am quite a chips-fanatic. I think their chips are pretty good, nearly on par with Salt + Battery. :) The fish was all right, fresh but I wasn't too pumped about them.

Because .... I like my dish better! :)

I ordered the Salt & Pepper Squid.

Fried Salt & Pepper Squid with preserved lemon aioli - $11.90
What caught my attention in the first place was the pepper used in this dish. I like it how crushed pepper is used instead of just the normal pepper. The squid was fresh and the flavour was well-balanced. The lemon aioli was good too. 

If thirsty, why don't grab a cup and pour a glass of free lemonade? *Bonus* 
Lemonade was refreshing and sweet too.

I think Swampdog is really into recycling. Their cutlery is made of wood. 

We sat indoor at first but then decided to move outdoors. Check out that notice! *It's free to bring your own beer/wine*

I didn't realise it at first but pointed out by Simco later that their tables are actually made from old doors. :)

Outdoor 'door' table!
Zucchinis growing on the fence!
Swampdog is definitely different from other fish and chips places. It's worth your visit albeit the parking!

That's it readers! I'll be back in the new dragon year, stay tune for more posts then! :)

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