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Malaya Corner

Malaya Corner, Sunnybank
Once in a while, I will crave for some food especially hawker food. Those from Malaysia or Singapore will probably know how cheap and delicious food are back home. So, when I have sudden cravings, Malaya Corner or Little Singapore is the place I go to. Still, I can't  put which one is better than the other.
Generally, food is comparatively cheaper and with huge servings. (This rule does applies to most shops in Sunnybank). Well, I would say that they are pretty authentic, nonetheless still can't be compared to the ones back home. But, they are good enough to satisfy my cravings.
Some of the random dishes I tried in Malaya Corner: 
Farewell dinner with Grace and we ordered a Hainanese Chicken Rice and curry laksa.
I've tried both Hainanese chicken rice in Little Singapore and Malaya Corner. Hmm... I think they are both pretty good. Here, they do give extra dipping sauce which is the garlic ginger sauce. Overall, a good dish. 

This was quite a hearty dish,…


E'cco, Brisbane CBD
Date visited: 4th Jan 2012
Grace said that she had to take me out for a dinner before leaving Aus and she chose E'cco. The first day E'cco opened in 2012 was on 4th Jan after their Christmas break. I remembered that I had an interview in Manly that day and had to rushed back for our 6 pm dinner appointment. We were early and the first customers there. 

First, we were introduced to five different types of complimentary bread. I wanted to try all of them but resisted the temptation...

It took quite a while for us to decide. We wanted to make sure that there is diversity in the type of produce and meat we have. Finally, for entree @ $24.50:
Entree 1

My first carpaccio dish! The fresh kingfish was sliced thinly and with the combination of bloody mary sorbet and the strings of cucumber and celery, my tastebuds were certainly entertained by the flavours. I am not a big fan of tomato juice (I tried once when I had a bad sore throat, but they are just too salty!) b…

Taste Gallery

Taste Gallery, Sunnybank
Date visited: 30th Dec 2011
I remember walking past Taste Gallery not long after it was opened. Long queues can be seen outside the restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn't born to be as patient as them. Finally, the opportunity arrived for me to dine in Taste Gallery. YL and myself had lunch here, but with only two diners, we didn't order that much.
Their signature dish (I assume):
When eating xiao-long-baos "mini dragon buns", one must pick them up gently so that we don't puncture them (since the dumpling skin is thin and soft). Take a bite and quickly suck the juice out from them (just like a vampire), LOL! Try it with some sliced ginger and soya sauce.
The pork meat was delicious but we both realised that the flavours were barely discernable. But, overall a tasty xiao-long-bao. I'll order the plain ones in the future.

One of my favourite meat is duck! Instead of the usual fried rice, we opted for the stir fry noodles with duck. I like this d…

Byron Bay and Yatala Pies

Byron Bay, NSW
Date visited: 29th Dec 2011
Do you know that the most easterly point of Australia is Cape Byron? I just knew that after watching Jules Lund in Getaway. Well, not wanting to miss the sunrise, Grace and myself started the journey around 2.15 am. She being a good buddy, trying to start up any conversation so I will not fall asleep. Finally, after about two hours of drive, we arrived and parked illegally (side parking). That was a huge mistake. Don't ever doubt that there won't be any police or parking guy giving out tickets at 5 am!!!

Even though it's summer, it was chilly and cold in the early morning. The sun is still hiding behind the clouds and two of us were hoping the clouds will clear up soon...
Unfortunately, it did not!

It's definitely not our day. With no sunrise and a parking fine, we both left Byron Bay disappointed and sleepy. Hopefully, the famous Yatala pies will cheer us up on the way home...
Since we got at least an hour to kill before the pie sh…