Byron Bay and Yatala Pies

Byron Bay, NSW

Date visited: 29th Dec 2011

Do you know that the most easterly point of Australia is Cape Byron? I just knew that after watching Jules Lund in Getaway. Well, not wanting to miss the sunrise, Grace and myself started the journey around 2.15 am. She being a good buddy, trying to start up any conversation so I will not fall asleep. Finally, after about two hours of drive, we arrived and parked illegally (side parking). That was a huge mistake. Don't ever doubt that there won't be any police or parking guy giving out tickets at 5 am!!!

Even though it's summer, it was chilly and cold in the early morning. The sun is still hiding behind the clouds and two of us were hoping the clouds will clear up soon...

Unfortunately, it did not!

It's definitely not our day. With no sunrise and a parking fine, we both left Byron Bay disappointed and sleepy. Hopefully, the famous Yatala pies will cheer us up on the way home...

Since we got at least an hour to kill before the pie shop opens, we slept in the car waiting.

Yatala pies has been a landmark in the Yatala areas for more than 130 years and you can easily find it after exit 38 (Yatala North). The place is certainly bigger than the usual pie shop. Even though it's early in the morning, there's customers (mostly truckies) dropping by getting take-aways.

The Yatala pie store still uses the traditional ceramic pie ovens. I didn't realise that until one staff took out the pie from this:

I had the chicken and vegetables pie while Grace ordered the 'Steak, bacon and cheese pie. 

Steak, Bacon & Cheese Pie -$4.80
Grace commented that it was pretty good, the best part being the crust - crunchy and cheesy. The filling quite delicious.

Chicken and Vege Pie - $4.80
I wasn't too crazy about my chicken pie. It can be improved if there's more flavour to it, otherwise just OK.

After that, we made our journey home and I continued sleeping like a pig. It hasn't been an exciting day at all. 

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