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Siam Samrarn

Siam Samrarn, South Brisbane
The three musketeers (Lin sisters and myself) went to Siam Samrarn for a get together after CNY. The decor although not as Thai-ish like My Thai Restaurant, it still exudes a nice ambience. Patrons can opt to sit either inside or outside. 
For entree, we had the 'Grill Marinated Pork', which was recommended by the waiter. He said that it's popular.
Hmmm... the pork was so tough and chewy, making it really difficult to bite the meat off. Trying to be as ladylike as possible, we used fork and spoon (yeah, no knife) and it turned out to be energy consuming and tedious. The flavour was there but I'm disappointed with the toughness of the pork.
We ordered a chicken Pad Thai.
Siam Samrarn's pad thai definitely make up for the previous disappointment. The flavour was in balance, not overly sweet, spicy nor sour. Young Lin just got back from Sydney and having visited Chat Thai, she said that this pad thai is pretty good too. 
We thought we should ord…

Lucky Duck Espresso

Lucky Duck Espresso, South Brisbane

It's been quite a while since I've last updated my blog. Too busy and lacking of motivation will be the reasons. But not too worry, with the start of new rotation, time seems to be more manageable and free.

I was craving for some good old cuppa coffee and having driven past Lucky Duck Espresso for lots of time, I decided to stop by and give it a go. Just take note, they take cash only. 

Again, this place is not air-conditioned. You can opt to sit in, outside or maybe in their alleyway?

It's quite a small shop and looking at the menu, avocado and haloumi seem to be their specialty. I wouldn't mind that since they are both my favourite. Yes, I was hungry that day and I was having trouble choosing between 'Halouminator' and 'Bulls Eye'.

Finally, I opted for 'Bulls Eye', accompanied by a skinny flat white.
Having had instant coffee for the past one month prior to this, this cup of coffee is definitely heavenly for me wi…

The Bun Mobile

The Bun Mobile (ever changing location)

There's 'The Great Food Truck Race' in America and finally... there's the pioneer gourmet truck in Brisbane. Yup, you heard me correctly ... in Brisbane! It's known as 'The Bun Mobile'. 

This gourmet food truck, inspired by Harry and Christine Fleming, serves up hand crafted steamed buns at various locations across Brisbane. Currently, they have three mouthwatering items up for grab and they promise more variation is on the way!
All at the price of $8 (cash only, but Eftpos available in two weeks time), they have:
1) Twice cooked pork, hoisin sauce, sakura pickled cucumber and shallot batons 2) Slow cooked WAGYU beef, butter lettuce, soy pickled shitake mushrooms and red dragon sauce 3) Char grilled teriyaki chicken, slaw with julienne carrot and mint, japanese mayo and hoisin sauce
Guess which one I choose? I was tossing between the pork and chicken ....
Finally, I had The Chicken Bun:
It was lovely! The chicken meat was real…

Sing's Asian Kitchen

Sing's Asian Kitchen

I've been to both Sing's Asian Kitchen: Rosalie and Coorparoo. Yup, there's two branches around in Queensland and who knows, maybe there will be more in the future considering how busy these places are? 
Always expect to queue for a while before you get a seat (unless you have made a booking). And try not to come if you have sore throat that day. Why? Literally, you have to raise your voice to talk to your dining counterpart. Tables are pretty close to each other and everyone seemed to be talking at the same time. 
Casting the ambience aside, the food in Sing's is pretty good actually, offering an eclectic mix of food inspired by Asian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. 
Simco and myself visited Sing's in Coorparoo not too long ago. Luckily, there was an empty table when we got there. Glancing through the extensive list of items, we finally decided on trying their Panang curry and Char Kway Teow. 

Each main meal comes with a bowl of small …