The Bun Mobile

The Bun Mobile (ever changing location)

There's 'The Great Food Truck Race' in America and finally... there's the pioneer gourmet truck in Brisbane. Yup, you heard me correctly ... in Brisbane! It's known as 'The Bun Mobile'. 

This gourmet food truck, inspired by Harry and Christine Fleming, serves up hand crafted steamed buns at various locations across Brisbane. Currently, they have three mouthwatering items up for grab and they promise more variation is on the way!

Harry and Christine
All at the price of $8 (cash only, but Eftpos available in two weeks time), they have:

1) Twice cooked pork, hoisin sauce, sakura pickled cucumber and shallot batons
2) Slow cooked WAGYU beef, butter lettuce, soy pickled shitake mushrooms and red dragon sauce
3) Char grilled teriyaki chicken, slaw with julienne carrot and mint, japanese mayo and hoisin sauce

Guess which one I choose? I was tossing between the pork and chicken ....

Finally, I had The Chicken Bun:

The Chicken Bun
It was lovely! The chicken meat was real tender and grilled to perfection. I've been told that the meats have been sous-vide (a method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath); that is why the flavour was so good. The addition of coleslaw added a crunchy texture and fresh taste to the whole bun. Last but not least, the steamed bun itself, slathered with hoisin sauce was soft and fluffy making this bun complete.

This Asian fusion inspired bun gourmet truck is probably going to pave way for more 'gourmet truckers' in the future! I'll have to track them down again for other buns. 

Check out their website for future locations!

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