Siam Samrarn

Siam Samrarn, South Brisbane

The three musketeers (Lin sisters and myself) went to Siam Samrarn for a get together after CNY. The decor although not as Thai-ish like My Thai Restaurant, it still exudes a nice ambience. Patrons can opt to sit either inside or outside. 

For entree, we had the 'Grill Marinated Pork', which was recommended by the waiter. He said that it's popular.

Grilled Marinated Pork -$8
Thai style marinated pork on skewers
Hmmm... the pork was so tough and chewy, making it really difficult to bite the meat off. Trying to be as ladylike as possible, we used fork and spoon (yeah, no knife) and it turned out to be energy consuming and tedious. The flavour was there but I'm disappointed with the toughness of the pork.

We ordered a chicken Pad Thai.

Pad Thai
Siam Samrarn's pad thai definitely make up for the previous disappointment. The flavour was in balance, not overly sweet, spicy nor sour. Young Lin just got back from Sydney and having visited Chat Thai, she said that this pad thai is pretty good too. 

Fish Sauce Fish -$23.90
Crispy Deep Fried Barramundi topped with Thai fish sauce & black pepper
We thought we should order fish since we don't cook whole fish at all. It's just too messy to deep fry a whole fish. *Imagine the splattering oil* This dish is OK only. Presentation wise, I think it can be garnished with some 'greens'. Flavourwise? Only saltiness from fish sauce and peppery taste ... not impressed.

For the last dish, we ordered tom yum soup.

Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup -$17.90
There's plenty of seafood in this tom yum: prawns, fish, mussels and calamari/squids. Not trying to be too critical here, but the three of us unanimously agree that this tom yum is different from the ones we had back home. Clear tom yum soup is usually quite sour but this one just wasn't sour enough.

I'll be returning for their pad thai and maybe their curries. That's it!

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  1. we always get the choo chee curry whole fish...

    I used to love siam samrarn, the last time we went there I was a bit disappointed. I had stirfried chicken with cashew nuts. I think their curries are the best although definitely not very spicy.

    1. Ya, I agree with you that Siam Samrarn has been quite disappointing lately. I will try the choo chee curry fish next time.

  2. Nice post. For a bit of light relief you might enjoy this cartoon about the food pyramid.


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