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Passione Gelateria and Dessert Bar

Passione Gelateria & Dessert Bar, Tenerrife

Quite a while ago, ET celebrated her birthday in Passione Gelateria & Dessert Bar. Not opened on Monday, we waited until Tuesday for their food, especially their desserts.
Trying to keep our stomach relatively empty, we ordered two entrees and one main to share among the five of us. First, the 'Grilled Prawns'. They were simple and fresh.

Next, the 'Breads and Dips'. Freshly toasted breads with three accompaniments (tzatziki, olive and beetroot dips). Each of us has our own favourites but I would have to go for the tzatziki since I'm neither an olive nor beetroot fan.

For mains, we had spaghetti carbonara. Either we were still hungry or the pasta too moreish, this dish was gone quick! The consistency of the sauce was just right and not too creamy. Carbonara is quite simple to make and Passione certainly did not mess it up.

Finally the desserts! Yay!
Dessert No. ONE:
Guess what? I've never eaten rhubarb in my entire l…


The Journey to the West! 
It took less than 2 hours to Toowoomba (largest non-capital inland city) from Brisbane. Together with AQ, we were on the way to visit MXM. The weather wasn't promising with the grey clouds on the horizon.
Anyway, first pit-stop: Engine Room Cafe
Once in Toowoomba, MXM took control of the wheel and brought us sight-seeing. The 'city' is tiny in comparison to Brisbane! To fill our hungry tummies, we had brunch in Engine Room Cafe, with a souvenir shop attached to it. 

We ordered at the counter and had a skinny flat white. I think the coffee was OK, I wasn't really a big fan of it. 

AQ had French toast. He wiped clean his plate. I'm assuming it's good.

As for myself, I ordered the Eggs Benedict.

It's definitely not the best Eggs Benedict that I had. The hollandaise sauce was too thick and creamy, while the mushrooms quite dry. Otherwise, the toast and poached eggs were excellent.
MXM had the Craig Special.

Basically it's the alternative ve…

Atomica Eat Drink

Atomica Eat Drink, West End
Phew! Finally I've completed my eight weeks of rotation in GEM and it was time to catch up with MXM and AQ. This year, MXM is located in Toowoomba and thankfully, he's coming over to Brissy for that weekend. Since he's rarely back now, I let him decide as to where we should eat. :)
With his new four-wheeled toy, we headed off to Atomica in West End for lunch. It was quite full when we got there and we opted for the seats outside.
We ordered our drinks and took no time to start our catching up!

AQ ordered his usual strawberry drink. I just can't remember now whether it was a milkshake or juice. He commented that it was 'standard'. Even though it was after noon that day, AQ ordered pancakes. If you know him well enough, his circadian clock rhythm is different from the rest of us. :)
Atomica pancakes certainly look different from my homemade pancakes. They were thicker and denser. Hailing down from the country famous for its maple leaf, AQ …

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters, Fortitude Valley
After a four hour lecture in First Aid Course, I had my lunch break finally. I was in a desperate need of caffeine to keep myself awake and alert for the afternoon session. Imagine doing 30 chest compression cyclically without any energy? My 'dummy' certainly wouldn't have survived. :)
'Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters' is only a few minutes walk away from St John Ambulance.

It's a pretty cool place, quite spacious with seats at the end of this cafe. 

I ordered my usual skinny flat white. The coffee was smooth and not too bitter.
Browsing through the breakfast and lunch menu, I finally opted for the 'Breakie Burger' although Sand crab lasagne with abalone sauce does sound tempting!

Yum yum yum! Those combination goes really well. It was simple yet delicious. The creamy avocado and melted cheese certainly blend well with the crunchy prosciutto.  
I'll be back one day!