Atomica Eat Drink

Atomica Eat Drink, West End

Phew! Finally I've completed my eight weeks of rotation in GEM and it was time to catch up with MXM and AQ. This year, MXM is located in Toowoomba and thankfully, he's coming over to Brissy for that weekend. Since he's rarely back now, I let him decide as to where we should eat. :)

With his new four-wheeled toy, we headed off to Atomica in West End for lunch. It was quite full when we got there and we opted for the seats outside.

We ordered our drinks and took no time to start our catching up!

AQ ordered his usual strawberry drink. I just can't remember now whether it was a milkshake or juice. He commented that it was 'standard'. Even though it was after noon that day, AQ ordered pancakes. If you know him well enough, his circadian clock rhythm is different from the rest of us. :)
Buttermilk Pancakes with maple syrup and ice-cream - $11.90
Atomica pancakes certainly look different from my homemade pancakes. They were thicker and denser. Hailing down from the country famous for its maple leaf, AQ said that the pancakes were pretty good.

Where is the ice-cream if you ask me? In my tummy ... not going to waste them cause AQ couldn't have it!

MXM had his dose of caffeine from the Iced Coffee due to the sweltering hot day ...

MXM was contented with his coffee, even better when it came with a scoop of ice-cream.

Linguini - $17.50
with pan-fried Marinated Chicken Breast,
semidried tomatoes, pine nuts and creamy basil pesto
The linguini was one of the specials of the day. I managed to 'steal' some from his meal. It was pretty good. Pasta was not overcooked, with the right balance of semidried tomatoes and basil pesto accompanied with the pine nuts. He likes it!

As for me, I had a chai latte.

Chai Latte with soy milk

The chai was all right. The soy flavour was a tad too strong for me and I have to douse my chai with honey. I ordered another specials of the day too.

Crispy pork belly - $18
'Cape Byron' Bacon Steak, Pork + Honey sausages,
apple sauce, poached eggs and sourdough toast
Presentation wise, I think it can be improved. When this dish was served in front of me, I was quite shock to see the amount of pork on it. I was expecting smaller sausages actually. I couldn't finish the sausages nor the pork belly. The pork belly was not tender enough and lacking of flavour. The apple sauce did not help much.

Positives? The eggs were poached to perfection.

Anyway, the three of us had a good time catching up.
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