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Little Larder

Little Larder, New Farm
Finally after exams (weeks ago), I had the time to de-stress and enjoy breakfast in Little Larder, New Farm. I can't believe it that it's more than a year since I last visited this place. Dragging Simco along, I introduced this place to him. It's pretty full even on a weekday. 
Not needing any caffeine after exams, I ordered their chai. Enquiring first whether it will be from chai tea or chai powder (they have both), I opted for their chai tea while a flat white for Simco.

Satisfying cup of coffee for Simco! I'm sure it's blissful for him after weeks of instant coffee. :) As for my chai, it was all right (although it did cause some jealousy for Simco). No honey was served with my chai and I was hoping for some. 
Having tried their Eggs Benedict and Pesto Scrambled Eggs in the past, I wanted to try something different this time. Simco can't steer past the pancakes while the 'Fry-up' was asking for my attention.

Are those caramelisation…

Zap Thai

Zap Thai, Kangaroo Point
Initially planning to go to Kotobuki again, the long queue however deterred me from doing so. Opposite to it is Zap Thai, which does look pretty deserted in comparison to the sushi-selling shop. Anyway, Simco and myself decided to give it a go!
Looking at the menu, we finally opted for the 'Zap Thai Pack 1 @ $35' which include:
Entree: Spring rolls and Curry Puffs

Both spring rolls and curry puffs were pretty good. 
For mains, we had one curry and one stir fry with the choice of either chicken, beef or pork. Haven't tried massaman curry before, I opted for the chicken massaman curry.

The chicken was really tender with pieces of potatoes and the nuts adding some crunch in this curry. I got no idea how massaman curry supposed to taste like but I think it was all right, with mild spiciness. This dish came with a bowl of steamed rice.
Our next stir-fry dish is a vegetarian pad-thai.

It was not the typical pad thai I had before. The noodles were too fine and th…

No No's

No No's, Red Hill
I came across No No's while glancing through 'The Good Guide'. True to its description, No No's certainly offer delicious and fresh Lebanese food. I have been there twice in a matter of weeks, prior to exams. What's been up for grabs?
Five choices of kebabs are available ranging from kafta, shish kebab, kebbi, chicken and falafel (price ranges from $8-$9). Simco and myself had tried all of them except the falafel. Myself trying the garlic marinated chicken and kebbi kebab on my second trip. The kebbi is made of lamb with crushed wheat and stuffed with spiced lamb mince. You can get it individually at $3. 
My eyes can never escape the dessert shelf! It is always the first place I walked up to, thinking what I should try this time? All at the price of $2, No No's has different types of baklava, mammoul, honey cake, turkish delight and much more!

No No's is not a high-end restaurant. It is a simple place that offers no fuss Lebanese food. I l…


Shabuhouse, Brisbane CBD
Wandering around the city figuring what to have for dinner, SaC found Shabuhouse and Hanwoori, both located at Level 1 of 70 Mary St. Still to early for dinner, we walked around and came back with a decision: Shabuhouse for hotpot or Hanwoori for BBQ? Both at the same price at $29.90 for 'All You Can Eat'. 
Hmm... Not wanting to have the BBQ aroma lingering on my clothes, I opted for Shabuhouse. It was so full on a Sunday night and mostly occupied by Japanese or Korean. I guess that's a start of a good sign.
After being directed to our seats, everything became self-service. I would like it if there was someone to explain how it work but unfortunately, they were quite busy. Looking around at our neighbours, we managed to figure it out.
Collect your choice of soup base: seaweed, fish or tomyum. Fill it up (1/2 full) and bring it back to your own heating element on your table. There's button on the side table to choose the level of heat.Choose any ing…

Stomp Espresso

Stomp Espresso, Holland Park
A day when I just want to escape from studying and after knowing that I was "shafted" to other hospital. It wasn't that bad actually because I will only be there for six weeks next year! After checking out the hospital, I came across Stomp Espresso and parking is available behind the cafe.
I love their decor! Stepping inside, the first object that caught my eye was the hanging yellow *my favourite colour* bicycle! Stomp Espresso is so busy on a weekend morning, with the communal table filled at each corner. The cafe offers simple breakfast (no kitchen) and the menu is up on their wall. 
Being so indecisive, I finally opted for their 'Avocado and hummus on rye toast' with coffee.

It was a simple breakfast and it certainly didn't disappoint. The avocado was just ripe and the homemade hommus (maybe?) blends perfectly. I love it and tried replicating it at home with ready made hommus but it tasted very different. I need to learn to make h…

Melbourne: MART 130

MART 130, Albert Park
Besides visiting my two beloved cousins in Melbourne, the other priorities to do in Melbourne is to eat! My cousin, ALec knowing that I'm a foodie, organised places that I should visit during my trip. He is awesome! Sometimes, you have the power when you are the oldest among the lot ... :D
After dropping off my bags at his place, we made our way into the tram and travelled to Albert Park. What can I say about the tram service in Melbourne? Efficient but a tad expensive in comparison to Brissy. 

Wow, I can't believe it that there's a train stop disguised as a cafe! It looked tiny from  outside but once you stepped inside, you'll be amazed! 
The first thing I wanted to try is Melbourne's coffee since everyone had boasted about how good the coffee are! So, my usual skinny flat white is up for order while my caffeine-free cousin ordered an ice chocolate.

Hmm... Genovese coffee and there's Genovese in Brisbane too. Any difference? Maybe better due t…

Slinky Espresso

Slinky Espresso, Annerley
Quote from Slinky Espresso:
"Some people are like slinkies, They don't really have a purpose, But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs"
I visited Slinky Espresso quite a while ago before my weekly grocery shopping in Coles. Glancing through their menu, everything is under $10! Tossing between cheesy scrambled eggs, baked beans and breakfast wrap, I finally opted for the baked beans, accompanied by a skinny flat white.

Coffee was pretty good. It was creamy and smooth. People started dropping by to get takeaway coffees. The meal itself is quite small but fulfilling for this early breakfast. It certainly not as exciting as other meals I've tried but the homemade baked beans were comforting. 
I'll be back one day to try other dishes!


Kotobuki, Kangaroo Point
Finally, exams are over and it's time for blogging! Wow, I can't believe what had been in my stomach during these pre-exam time. What's your comfort food during studying? Junk food, chocolate and caffeine are on the list for me! :)
Sushi is good too ...
And I recommend Kotobuki in Kangaroo Point. Seriously, you won't notice this place except for the long queue. I've been to this place twice and it's always good! 
First time with SaC and we tried:
This is my favourite so far and I've been ordering this on both occasions.
We ventured and tried their Kotobuki Roll. What's so special about this dish? They are like 'tempura sushi',  each individual piece is fried in tempura batter. It certainly is an eye-opener!

Next, the Spider Roll is on the table:

Besides sushi, we tried their rice and noodle dishes: Second time around I managed to try:
Chicken Teriyaki noodle
I like their teriyaki noodle too! *slurps*

Ruby Roll: 

Conclusion:  Kotobuki&…