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On a break!

Currently on a break .... Having the possibly most difficult rotation of the year!
Hopefully back to blogging in December.

Cafe de Siam

Cafe de Siam, Paddington
Finally, I have the time to sit down and update my blog! Last few weeks have been busy and not to mention a holiday trip to Tasmania ... :)
Cafe de Siam is unknown to me until my housemate, Klin told me about it. It is her favourite Thai restaurant. Being a Thai herself, she obviously knows better than me what makes good and delicious Thai food! So, on our way to Paddington to visit Cafe de Siam for her birthday (this is back in August!)....
As a frequent flyer, Klin is well-known to the owner of this shop and she had no trouble deciding what food to have for dinner!

Klin already had her mind on the Crispy fish salad.

What's amazing about this dish was the freshness of the salad, the crispiness of the fish and the dressing! The salad dressing was really simple with a hint of sourness from the lime juice and the spiciness of the chilli (Just don't bite into the seeds, they are so hot!). I have to say it's pretty good.
We ordered two bowls of rice - jasmin…