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Tea Master

Tea Master, Fortitude Valley
I was at home preparing dinner before I got a surprise invite to go to Tea Master (which serves vegetarian food only) in the Valley. Oh well... my fried rice can wait! This was another visit after purchasing a voucher deal for $19 that includes 2 of entrees, main and drinks.

It was a Friday night and it was so packed! Therefore, booking is highly recommended. Looking through the menu, they have so much on offer and it was so difficult to decide! 

For starters, we had:

1) Mixed braised dried beancurd, seaweed and vege mince roll ($4.90)

This is more of a cold entree. The tofu was soft and fresh. I think both of us don't fancy the seaweed. It was quite slimy and I much prefer the dry seaweed.

2) Deep fried veggie chicken with pepper and salt ($4.90)

I quite like this dish, crispy-ly fried mock chicken! Maybe an alternative to KFC for those who are vegetarian. :)

Hehe, still feeling tempted by their menu, we ordered extra starters (which need to be paid extra).