3 Bamboo (Pre-CNY dinner)

3 Bamboo, Sunnybank

I consider myself fortunate to be invited to a pre-celebration CNY's dinner with SaC's family last February. On a Friday night, we had dinner at 3 Bamboo, whose location was unbeknown to me until we arrived. I just knew we will be having dinner at Sunnybank. 3 Bamboo is situated at Robertson, just across The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Walking into the restaurant, aquariums of live fish and lobsters were 'swimming' around waiting for their destiny. Well, unfortunate for them but they were indeed fresh and delicious. Yum!

Even though I am Asian, I cannot read Mandarin. It can be quite embarrassing at times but it is just too difficult to interpret and memorise the chinese characters. Therefore, I could not tell you exactly the name of the dish we had that day... But I will tell you what I have tasted!

The first dish that we had was 'Salted Chicken':

Oh my! The salted chicken was amazing! The chicken was really tender and I would not say that it was dry. One of my favourite dish of the night.

Following that, came the vegetable dish:


I don't know what it is called in English but back home in Malaysia, this vegetable is known as 'Kang Kung', normally cooked with belacan (shrimp paste). This dish certainly brings back memories of being home!

Well, at this stage, I could not remember which dish has arrived. The service was quite quick that our table was quickly filled up.

Steamed fish: 

The fish was quite good. It was fresh and not overly cooked.

Mini abalones cooked in XO sauce:

I am not a big fan of abalone ... I think it tasted all right, nevertheless. Some kind of XO sauce?

Another favourite of mine which is the tofu dish:


I am not sure what this dish is called but it contains soft, silky tofu with egg whites. It was very smooth and soft, quite good! Pieces of vegetables and mushrooms added some texture to the dish.

Well, the hero of the night is .... "Lobster with noodles"


I have to say, this dish is indeed quite delicious. The lobster meat was really fresh and the amount was plenty to share among us. I think I had the most of it. The ginger soy sauce was not too overpowering and the noodles were just al dente or maybe a little softer. Love it!

What a nice way to start off the Chinese New Year of 'Snake'! Well, besides the amazing food, the company was excellent with laughters that surrounded us all night! :)

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