Jetty Cafe

Jetty Cafe, Redcliffe

Not too long ago (well, it was last year actually), we bought a voucher to dine at Jetty Cafe at a value of around $45 for two-course dinner meals for two people. So, was it a good deal?

Let's see...

On a Sunday night, SaC and myself went all the way to Redcliffe for dinner. Luckily, the weather was not that bad and we had the chance to stroll along the jetty area before dinner. We were promptly seated to our pre-booked table and the service was nothing to complain about.


So, with the deal, we had two entrees and two mains. To get us started, we chose garlic bread and fried calamari among the dips, haloumi or even oysters! I am not a big fan of oysters yet.

Garlic Bread - $8
The garlic bread ($8) is actually made of pizza bread; more like a pizza dough to me. I was expecting a toasted bread but their garlic bread was soft and dough-y. Not too bad. 

Fried Calamari -$12

Their fried calamari ($12) was served with rocket salad and caper mayo. Nicely cooked, still tender and not chewy... Yum!

For the mains, I already have my eye on the pork belly. It has been a while since I last had pork belly. The premium bangalow roast pork belly ($27) was served on potato and celeriac puree with bok choy and apple glaze. 

Roast Pork Belly -$27

I had a bite of the pork crackle and it was crunchy. Tick!
The meat was really tender and full of flavour. Another tick!
Unfortunately, the potato and celeriac puree was seriously too salty for me and I could not finish them. One thing I found was that there were just too much sauce/soup which I think is a bit too much. Otherwise, it was quite a good meal. 

Fillet mignon

On the other hand, SaC ordered the fillet mignon. We paid extra $5 to upgrade it to 'reef and beef' meal. It was a huge meal... 300gm premium eye fillet wrapped with bacon accompanied with potato galette, green vegetables and seafood of prawns and calamari. I am quite jealous as I am typing this right now, comparing them with what I have for dinner tonight. ;) The meal must be near excellent, SaC finished all of them!

Overall, the food in Jetty Cafe was pretty good, above average for sure. The ambience was nice and the service was excellent. We went home contented, with a bottle of wine (included in the deal). 

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