Sushi Train

Sushi Train, Greenslopes

I visited this place when Greenslopes Sushi Train had their first year anniversary! That meant $3 for any sushi on offer !!! That day, we were smarter in terms of the timing... We went there around 4pm, so it was not as busy. We still had to wait but not as long when we had waited for Indooroopilly Sushi Train anniversary. 

We had so much that day, tried different kind of sushi that we would not normally order...
For $3 per plate, I think they are worth the price considering them to be quite fresh on such a busy busy day. 

What did we try?

Fried Oyster

Chashu Pork - one of my favourites!

Grilled Scallops

PS: I still don't have the courage to try fresh scallops! ;)

Salmon and prawn with avocado
Mock version of crab meat?
 Fresh Salmon sushi

 Ebi tempura sushi roll

Avocado and ebi tempura sushi rolls

We definitely had much more than all that. Even though it was a busy day, the staff members and service were quite efficient. The sushi was quite fresh and delicious. Not too bad. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the next anniversary. I think it is quite expensive at a normal price (If we were to eat that much anyway!). :)

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