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Noggi, Brisbane CBD

I have noticed the frozen yoghurt craze in Brisbane lately (maybe months ago now?), and finally I had the chance to try Noggi not too long ago! 
Easy concept to understand: You pay for the size you want and toppings are included in the deal. In comparison to other frozen yoghurt franchise, Noggi do not weigh the yoghurt and toppings for the price. Awesome!
After my last exam, MXM and myself headed to Brisbane CBD with one goal in mind. I need some frozen yoghurt to treat myself after being traumatised from the exam. I knew where I want to go but just could not find the place... eventually we did!
I already knew I want green tea but biscotti was actually much better (had free sampling)! That's my ego... Hehe! I ordered a small size and got to choose three toppings. 

There are lots of toppings to choose from any kind of chocolates, lollies and fruits you can think of. I just opted for crushed peanuts, muesli and flake chocolates. Noggi is actually pretty good! The fro…

Ruby Cafe

Ruby Cafe, Paddington

It had been months since we girls went out for a get together. Finally, when the three of us had the time after our first rotation, we all went to Ruby Cafe for brunch. 

Just a random side note here: Till today, I still could not find an English/Christian name for myself and I doubt I will ever do. Have you ever get frustrated telling the person at Starbucks (which I rarely go to nowadays) your name? 

It's Hooi. Sorry? It's spelled as H-O-O-I. Or they will just write a random name that sounds like Hooi. 

I gave up and one day, I told them it's Ruby. That is my coffee name. :)

Back to Ruby cafe now! It was quite empty when we got there and we promptly chose seats at the corner. The 'Spring Menu' was handed out to us and not too long after, we made our decisions. Surprisingly, each of us has different meal in mind!

First up, Qiqi had the 'Breakfast peas, bacon speck, poached egg, mint, ciabatta with grilled lemon'. 

She loves it! The peas…

New Shanghai

New Shanghai, Brisbane CBD

From Southbank, SaC and myself walked to the Brisbane CBD for dinner as I was not sure what to have there. Always clueless with the city's orientation, I was taken to New Shanghai! I was quite surprised and impressed by him because New Shanghai has been on wishlist for some time (after being recommended by his parents as well as other food bloggers). We were lucky that night and we did not need to queue, just being seated outside the restaurant. 
So, what did we order? No doubt must have are their 'xiao long bao' and pan fried pork buns. Were they good? Read on...
Anyway, for entree we had 'Shredded jellyfish & radish tossed with sea salt and light soy dressing' ($7.50).

The jellyfish was light and very refreshing. It was a good start to our dinner.

Next up, we had the 'Deep fried pastry with white radish, dried shrimps and shallots' ($10.50).

Since SaC took me to Pu Kwong Vegetarian Restaurant and introduced me to this snack (Radis…


Sisco, Spring Hill

It seemed to rain when MXM and myself go out for brunch. I remembered it was pouring when we visited The Burrow and it happened again when we visited Sisco. The weather was crazy and we had to run (sort of) to the warm shelter Sisco provided. 
I did not know the existence of this small little cafe until MXM suggested it. I love the simple interior design of this place, quite similar to Stomp Espresso actually. 

Trying to steer clear from coffee, I ordered their hot chocolate while MXM tried their iced coffee (Yup, even though it was raining!). 

Well, I was glad I ordered something hot. You can't complain when there is a hot chocolate in front of you! :)

It was not easy to decide but in the end, I chose poached eggs on organic sourdough toast and house made HP sauce ($9.50) with the addition of buttered mushrooms ($4).

I love their HP sauce! It was pretty amazing with its intense flavour. Each individual item was good on its own but somehow, I think buttered mushrooms …

Bella Cosi

Bella Cosi Modern Italian Restaurant, Chermside
Dear readers,
Well, I have finally return to the food blogging arena. The last few months had been crazy and no doubt, one of the most challenging time in my life. Maybe one day, I will elaborate more. But I am back here today to continue to do what I like: to eat, cook, bake and to blog about them!
Who can ever forget Valentine's Day? On the 14th February, I got whisked away to Bella Cosi for a surprised dinner. At work, people were asking each other what they will be doing on this special day, and I replied 'I don't know'. Anyway, if you know me, my usual catch phrase is 'I don't know'.

The Mr had already made a reservation long time ago and I thought he could not remember. Oops! Instead of having the set dinner, we ordered our own selected entrees and mains. To start with, we had the 'Pane della Primavera' ($12), which are Italian flat breads accompanied by beetroot dip and basil pesto dip. 

Nothing very…