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Lab Bar

Lab Bar + Restaurant, Brisbane CBD

This is a very belated birthday dinner post for myself!
Haha, my birthday celebration was months ago! Last year 25th September was on a Tuesday and I had to celebrate it two days earlier! But it does not matter, as long as I was spending my birthday with THE ONE....

I had no idea where the dinner was going to be until I was driven to the city and whisked into the Treasury Casino, walking into Lab Bar Restaurant. I was ecstatic. The ambience was calming and the waitresses were very polite and welcoming. I am sure the menu would have change now but I would like to share my sweet memories then...

Browsing through the menu, the Lab Bar has so much to offer (making decision-making quite difficult), especially for a Libran known to be quite indecisive. Anyhow, some words like scallops, pork belly, duck and lamb popped out to me!
We were given an amuse bouche to start with: 
As far as I can remember, I think it was a croqueta with pork filling. It was pretty goo…


Brew, Brisbane CBD

At this moment, I am about 970 km away from Brisbane... I cannot believe it but I am going to say this: I miss Brisbane! I have only been away for a week but this boredom is killing me softly (with the music as the background). :)
Well, I visited Brew (which has been on my wishlist since 2011) quite a while ago after finishing up an errand in the city on a weekday. Walking into Brew does brought me memories of my time back in Melbourne, with cafes in lane ways. 

Prior to entering the cafe, people are already queuing for take-away coffees here:

As for myself, I just made my way into the cove like restaurant, walking past the bar on the right. There are plenty of seats available depending on your comfort of choice whether you prefer wooden chairs, comfy sofas or even benches. Luckily I arrived before 11 am which meant that breakfast was still available!
Looking through the menu I was really contemplating of either the baked mushrooms with brie or the corn fritter with halo…

Haoke Chinese Restaurant (Revisited)

Haoke Chinese Restaurant, Sunnybank Hills

Quite a while ago, we visited Haoke for dinner. I have been to this place for dim sum and I think the dim sums here were quite reasonable in terms of flavour and price.
This time, however, we tried their set dinner which consisted of six to seven dishes of Chinese food. 

What should I say? 

Some type of clams cooked in XO sauce I think. Hmm... the sauce was spicy and I don't think it was XO sauce. I don't really like it.

Our tofu dish of the night. I thought this was all right, but my other three companions said otherwise. To be truthful, it really lacked the 'tofu flavour'. It is probably more of a steamed egg dish.

The steamed fish in soy sauce was all right. Well, certainly cannot be compared to the 'freshness' of a live fish but this dish was a pass. 

This was our vegetable dish of the night. It was more like a soup-y vegetable dish than a simple vegetable stir fry garlic; which I think will be much tastier than that. Hmmm…