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Cirque, New Farm

Cirque was one of the first few cafes recommended by Grace when I started food blogging years ago. My memory of Cirque was faint and I decided to visit it again (after two years!) with Yeelin and her sister.

We went there on a weekend and were little afraid that we had to wait long due to Cirque's popularity. Contrary to my belief, we had seats among the shared table upstairs. After much discussion and peering over at neighbours' food, we have made our decisions! 

What seemed very popular that day was the sweet corncakes! AL could not resist it and ordered this meal with extra bacons on the side with cirque relish.

This dish is definitely worth ordering! The corncakes were delicious and quite 'fluffy', with crunchiness on the edges and the batter was not too heavy or dense.  They go perfect with the tomato salsa and avocadoes as well as the special relish. Not too forget, the bacons for some saltiness and protein to this meal.

As for Yeelin, she decided to…