Yamasakura, Surfers Paradise

Yamasakura, Surfers Paradise

Day trips to Gold Coast for both of us means lots of eating and walking! I am actually quite amazed at the variety of food offered in Surfers Paradise. The best time to eat is the pre-dinner time when there are lots of offers available... possibly because there are lots of competition among the restaurants and cafes.

Anyway, I have found a good spot to satisfy my Japanese food cravings. They were delicious and prices are really reasonable and affordable. Yamasakura offers lots of set meals and we took quite a while to decide what we want!


Set menus are available from A-J!!! 

The perfect combination for me was 'J' which include a bowl of ramen and a small bowl of unagi rice. For $12, I think they are indeed a good deal. The ramen broth was delicious and the unagi did not disappoint either. Yummy!

Ramen and unagi rice

The other dish we had was the crumbed oyster with rice, accompanied with miso soup. Oyster is certainly Mr's favourite and he does look very satisfied! 

Crumbed oyster with egg on rice, miso soup

That was just the first stop of our food escapade in Surfers Paradise! Yamasakura certainly did not disappoint and hopefully we will return there one day! The chefs are Japanese and they all seemed very friendly. You could not miss the photographs hanging in the restaurant....


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