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Malt Dining

Malt Dining, Brisbane CBD

Dear readers,
I am back for real this time! My final exams are over and results have been released! It is way forward from now on! After so many years of study and obstacles, I have finally achieved my dream. The long journey will not be successful without much perseverance, optimism and encouragement from my loved ones...
~ ~ ~
During my study, I am lucky to know a very loving and kind couple! As their pre-wedding celebration, a dinner was organised at Malt Dining. The restaurant arranged a table for 20 people down in their wine cellar. The ambience was really nice! 

As there were so many of us, the dinner's entree and main meals have been decided prior! We were given complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. The bread was warm and good.

For entree, we had either the options of seared scallops or duck tart tatin. Ahah! I was lucky to sit beside JaW and we agreed to share the entree, so i get to try both dishes. 

The scallops were seared to pe…