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Ann Gyoza Bar

Ann Gyoza Bar, Fortitude Valley

Quite a while ago, a group of us visited Ann Gyoza Bar at the Emporium for dinner after our long exhaustive OSCE study session. Yup, this was way way back when we were quite stressed with studies! But it is all good now! ;)

How should I describe Ann Gyoza Bar? The ambience was nice and the service good. However, we were still quite hungry even after ordering LOTS of food! I guess the concept in Ann Gyoza is similar to a 'bar', where food are supposed to be shared. 

For entree/starter, we had edamame ($6) and it was all right. The Nanban-Zuke ($9) was quite appetising. 

We tried to order some dish in each section. Next up, we tried their salmon sashimi ($12), which was quite fresh. All of us tried some except for Lainey who does not eat raw fish. Well, I was like her too in the past until a friend changed my perspective.

For the tapas section, we ordered the deep fried prawns and different versions of kara-age. I was quite apprehensive at first looki…

Billy Kart Kitchen

Billy Kart Kitchen, Annerley

Hot off the press! This post is probably the fastest that I blogged about!

Billy Kart Kitchen is the first breakfast spot I visited in 2014, actually, just this morning. It will probably be quite a while before my next spot as I will be in Mt Isa for three months. Let's pray and hope that I will survive the heat and the 'torture'. LOL!
Instead of packing and cleaning, I decided to treat myself with some food. Yup, I am quite a procrastinator! Billy Kart Kitchen is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood of Annerley and parking is ample. Tick!

There was already a queue this morning but I do not have to wait long. Why? The food service is quick considering how busy the kitchen was. Steering clear from the sweet food, I was left with the options of corn fritters, eggs with King prawns and more eggs of your liking!

I decided to have the 'crispy corn fritters, grilled avocado, heirloom tomatoes' with a side serve of 'apple and cider pork sausage'…


Dell'Ugo, New Farm

Back in October, SaC took me to New Farm for lunch at Dell'Ugo. He had bought a voucher for two people for two courses (entree and main each). 
We were early but patrons started to turn up soon after and most of them were taking advantage of the good deal too! Quickly, a set menu was given to us and we have three choices for the entree and mains.

First up, we were served with freshly baked breads together with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They are certainly very generous with their condiments, however, at $9 for bread, was it worth it?
For entree, I had my eye on their mussels and calamari over the antipasto. 

The mussels were fresh and cooked to perfection, with generous amounts to be shared among two of us. The flavour was all right and I think it can still be improved. Otherwise, quite a good meal.
Their calamari fritti may be a better option over the mussels with its crunchy texture and not to forget, the lovely chilli, garlic and herb oil. Somehow, …