Bishamon, Spring Hill

Pre-graduation, we invited the Lin sisters to have dinner with my mother and brother who came over to Brisbane. Both Lin's mom and my mom are best friends since their high school and we had great time listening to their childhood stories. Ahaha... some that are not known to Lin!

I have visited Bishamon with MXM for my birthday last year and I really enjoyed this place. We made a booking and made our way there! Street parkings are plenty after working hours. Ordering can be tricky as there are so many choices to choose from! Just note that the servings here are quite big so sharing is recommended.

First up, we had the 'Prawn kinusaya' for entree.

Prawn Kinusaya - $15

It is stir fried prawns and snow peas in a lettuce cup. The prawns were juicy and fresh. Delicious! 

Following that, we tried another of their chef's recommendation the 'B-roll'; which are rolled sushi with salmon, egg, cucumber and avocado. 

8 pieces $18
We all enjoyed the sushi. What not to like? When all my favourites (avocado, egg and salmon) are combined together! Oiishi! Check out the intricate carving of that little mouse...

For the mains, we ordered the salmon shoyu, chicken teriyaki and yaki udon to share. The salmon and chicken came with miso soup and rice. 

Salmon shoyu - $28.50
Salmon fillet cooked in soy sauce and butter, with tartar sauce

Chicken teriyaki - $28

Yaki Udon - $28.50
Stir fried udon noodle with pork, prawn and cuttlefish

The servings in Bishamon are really generous. My favourite among the three would have to be the Yaki Udon (Ahaha, I had that last year). Underneath the huge pile of stir fried udon, lies a bed of fried eggs. The noodles were cooked really well with the prawns, cuttle fish and strip like bacon/pork. The salmon pieces were cooked to perfection and I just found the chicken teriyaki to be a little sweet. The salads were fresh and good accompaniment to the meals.

I cannot deny that I've got sweet tooth! So we had their green tea ice cream and one of the specials of the day..... The banana fritters were amazing! The banana was deep fried till golden brown and coated with sugar, served with some vanilla ice cream. It was good because the batter was so crunchy and the cold ice cream compliments the warm fried banana...

Banana fritter with ice cream

Green tea ice cream - $4.50

The green tea ice cream with red bean did not disappoint too. It had strong green tea flavour and the ice cream was smooth and creamy. Yum! 

Overall, we had a really enjoyable time in Bishamon eating and catching up. Bishamon serves generous portion of the main meals and the food is good. I will be back! :)

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