The Rogue Rennard

The Rogue Rennard, Paddington

Starting night shift has changed my biological clock and even my eating pattern... I am now wondering what I should eat once I wake up from my sleep? Whether it is breakfast at 5pm or lunch/dinner at 5pm? Hmmm...

Well, that is not important for now. I know that at anytime of the day, I would like to go to the Rogue Rennard for any meals they have. It is currently my favourite brunch spot and I took mom there to try before she flew back to Penang. It is quite a small cafe with about 6 tables indoor but they do have seats outdoor.

Rogue Rennard's Menu (December)

They may have updated their menu now and I have tried two different versions of the menu. I enjoyed both times. I had my chai tea while mom had double shot for her cappuccino. 


Chai tea

I was trying to be adventurous that day and ordered the Morcilla sausage, without knowing what was 'Morcilla'. Before the food arrived, I told mom the sausage is probably not the 'normal' sausage and quickly googled it. Oops! 

Morcilla sausage, minted peas, vine tomatoes, poached egg on sourdough - $17

I am glad that I took the challenge and tried new food. Morcilla sausage is made of pig's blood, rice, onions and spices. I was really apprehensive when I took the first bite but the flavour was good that I couldn't taste any 'blood'. The spices well balanced and the texture quite similar to 'crumbly' bits. Together with the oozy egg yolk, this was quite a yummy dish!

South Aus sardines, crushed avocado, marinated capsicum, fried egg on sourdough - $16
As for mom, she had the sardines with avocado and marinated capsicum. Quite different from my dish, the flavours of her dish was excellent! We both enjoyed it.

Overall, we had good times in Rogue Rennard. The service was good and more importantly, delicious food as well as good coffee! Will be back! :)

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