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Paw Paw

Paw Paw, Woollongabba
Lainey and myself had a get together before her honeymoon in Europe more than a month ago. Lol, she is back in Brizzy now and I am yet to blog about Paw Paw. Talking about procrastination!

I have visited Paw Paw in the past with SaC and they have certainly changed the menu. Paw Paw certainly did not disappoint. My flat white was good while Lainey's mocha certainly made me envious.

I steered clear from my usual brekkie options and chose the 'Californian breakfast burrito'. 

It was so filling that I could not finish this quite delicious meal! Even though it was a vegetarian dish, the hidden beans and scrambled eggs were certainly quite satisfying. On the other hand, Lainey ordered the 'corn fritters'. 

As usual, Lainey's has soft spots for haloumi and the extra haloumi made this dish complete. Paw Paw's chipotle sour cream was smooth and creamy. Their corn fritters were more of a 'pancake-like' fritters unlike those in 'Billy Kart

The Hyde Out

The Hyde Out, Yeronga
Dear readers, blogging is going tortoise slow at the moment, busy with work and lacking of eating out! But I had the opportunity to visit The Hyde Out last month with my colleagues to celebrate our end of first rotation. 

To quench my thirst, I ordered the homemade iced tea that came with fresh blueberries and fresh lime. It sure tasted good! For starters, we had bread with olive oil, onion jam with some spice, possibly sumac? Some had prosciutto as well.

There were five protein options for mains which include chicken maryland, lamb backstrap, pork belly, eye fillet and battered fish, with the vegetarian cannelloni. Guess what? The majority seemed to order either the lamb or beef, followed by fish and finally pork belly. Ahaha, I could not escape from not ordering the latter. 

The overall gist I received from my fellow colleagues was that the food was delicious and fresh. The beef eye fillet was cooked to medium rare and the lamb had much kudos that night. As for my …