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Pizza Caper

Pizza Capers, Annerley
Pizza Capers recently just started their new range of Inferno Pizza aka 'spicy pizza' and I was among the lucky few bloggers who had the opportunity to try them! After a long day hiking in Giraween National Park and climbing to the granite peak, I think we deserve some pizza!

With the voucher, we were lucky to try two Inferno Pizzas, some empanadas and chicken wings! Together with Simco and MXM, we ready ourselves with drinks (water for me, Coke for Simco, red wine for MXM) and we were ready to fill our empty stomach! First up, I tried their empanada, which I think is quite similar to curry puff. The pastry denser and I thought the fillings quite flavourful. Tastier when dipped into the sauce. 

Next up, their chicken wings! Woohoo! They were pretty good and the three of us concurred.  The meat was just so tender! It was not spicy at all and I am happy to eat all of them (as the serving size is quite small!). 

Let's get the competition started! The three …

Fix Restaurant & Wine Bar

Fix Restaurant & Wine Bar, Brisbane CBD
A catch-up date with SaC brought us both to Fix Restaurant from his surprise reservation. My orientation in the city is still poor and I was whizzed to this busy looking bar and restaurant with their separate entrance respectively.

After ordering our main meals, we noticed that the waitress did not introduce us the specials of the day in comparison to our next table neighbours. A little disappointed with their service but I think their food made the visit worthwhile.

First off, we had the organic sourdough with olive oil and balsamic. 

I am not a bread expert but I do feel the lack of sourness and the dense-ness that I expect from a sourdough bread. The well-toasted bread that we had was much lighter. 
While SaC ordered one of the 'Char Grill' section, I had their local Moreton bay bug meat with fresh pappardelle, chilli, garlic and tarragon butter. 

Yum! Yum! Yum! The Moreton bay bug was cooked to perfection and the pasta al dente, all co…

E'cco Bistro

E'cco Bistro, Brisbane CBD
Sometimes we just need to stop and treat ourselves after a hard week. Don't you think so? I had quite a difficult long week (few weeks ago) and I decided to treat myself to something delicious! After a successful last minute reservation, MXM and myself went to E'cco Bistro. 

The service is always impeccable in E'cco. I first visited this place with Grace and the fond memories of this place remained. 

First up, we had free servings of fresh bread with four choices on offer. I opted for the fig bread which turned out to be a wise choice. The bread was warm and soft, even better when spread with the butter!

At first glance of the menu, I already knew what I wanted to have for both entree and main. After watching a few episodes of MKR, I really wanted to try the quail on offer in E'cco. 

The quail was cooked to such perfection! The meat was tender, soft and flavourful.... Yum! I enjoyed the chilli jam, well balanced with sweetness and spiciness in…