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Little Brew

Little Brew, Paddington
Little Brew was on my wish list ever since I have driven past it a couple of times and knowing it is the sister branch of Brew, I want to give it a try. Miss JaW came back to Brisbane for a short holiday after she decided to return to Perth end of last year. Together with Lainey and her husband, we visited Little Brew for brunch.

It was cold and windy that day but Little Brew provided some soft blanket to those who sat outdoors. What a nice touch! 

Their menu is quite short and simple. I was tossing between the rosti and the corn fritters, but I finally went ahead with the latter. Drinks came by shortly after ordering. 

I decided to try their brewed chai tea and I was quite disappointed. There was no honey served and the flavour was quite diluted. The others had coffee and JaW commented that her's was burnt. 
It took very long before our meals arrived. Maybe 30-45 minutes? Were the meals worth the wait?

JaW and Lainey both had the sweet potato rosti while the man…

Pompidou Cafe

Pompidou Cafe, Hawthorn
I quite like the Eastern Suburbs and finally on a Saturday, I travelled to Hawthorn to catch up with MXM, who had a two hour break before his next search for his new home. Street parking is plenty around Pompidou Cafe, where we had our brunch/lunch then!
This cafe is big in comparison to other cafe and that may explain the quite long wait prior to our meals!
To start my day, I had a cappuccino, just for a change. It was pretty good. 

I was pretty hungry that day, and I want some protein in my dish. So, I chose the 'Bubble and Squeak' with crispy bacon!

It was quite a different bubble and squeak that I had tried before. Pompidou's version was made of pumpkin instead of potatoes, constructed with onions and spinach, making it quite sweet. The egg was poached to perfection, and I was satisfied with the crispy bacon. Overall, an all right dish. 
As for MXM, his choice of 'Carrot and chickpea pancakes' was more eye-catching! 

What can I say? He finished…

Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-Mai, Annerley
A couple of weeks ago, I have started a new term in a new department, which is pretty enjoyable! Prior to starting, I treated myself to some brunch in Cafe O-Mai, which is a Vietnamese breakfast with Western influenced cafe. 

There's plenty of street parking available and it was really convenient! Reading through the menu, I was contemplating between traditional Vietnamese breakfast (pho), banh mi and the usual breakfast options.

Finally, I decided on the 'Aunty Five's claypot baked eggs' over the pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce...

This Aunty Five's claypot baked eggs is certainly not the usual tomato base baked eggs that we can get from other cafe. The eggs were cooked in a base of tamarind sauce, which I think is more of on the sweeter side rather than sour. I love their pork sausage which has a hint of lemongrass and some spiciness from the chilli. Yum! 

I was tempted by their sweet corn and zucchini fritters so I ordered one as a side dish.�…

Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats

Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats - COOKIES!

Brumby's Bakery has recently joined with LINDT to create a new gourmet cookie for the winter period! I am very lucky to be able to try these hand-made and freshly baked cookies, sponsored by the team from Brumby's.
Specially delivered fresh to my place, I received these huge cookies and the first thing I did, well was to take some pictures before I quickly grab a bite. 

These chocolate cookie has a piece of Lindt chocolate button in the center and it was such a treat! The cookies ( I had two in one go) were delicious! Not overly sweet, they were crunchy and unlike the Subway cookies, they are not chewy, which is how I like them. 

I am not going to complain about the portion size! They were nearly as big as my palm!
I took some to work, and my colleague claimed it was pretty good! :)

Iceworks Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Iceworks Restaurant Bar & Lounge, Paddington

I have heard of Iceworks Restaurant a few times from the radio, when listening to the 60-seconds trivia in 97.5 FM. On a Friday night, Mr took me to Iceworks for dinner! Work that day was so busy especially when you know you got a date! Well, luckily the Mr was understanding. 

Mr is quite fond of oysters so we opted for a dozen of fresh natural oysters for entree. Hmm... my tolerance to fresh oyster was quite low when I was in Tasmania, however surprisingly, I really enjoyed eating those succulent and plump oysters in Iceworks!

I think they were good because they were fresh! The trick for me was the extra squirt of lemon juice on top of them. 
We were tossing between the goat souffle and iberico jamon, but finally I gave in to the iberico jamon with brioche. 

The presentation of this dish was nice and the flavours were all right. I do like the toasted brioche and the jamon just melt in the mouth... Yum!
For our main meals, Mr had the lamb whi…