Esher St Cafe and Deli

Esher St Cafe and Deli, Tarragindi
Once in a while, MXM and myself would catch up for brunch and this time we visited Esher St Cafe in Tarragindi. I did not know that this cafe is actually pretty close to home. Yup, pretty clueless! This cafe is quite small and seats are available on the outside or behind the cafe.

After ordering at the counter, we found a small table outside. Wow, it was cold and windy that day! 

First up, I had my flat white while MXM had his long black. As far as I can remember, their coffee was good. 

Flat White

Long Black

I was feeling vegetarian-ish that day and opted for the 'avocado smash' while MXM had the  'haloumi stack'. 

Avocado, feta and dukka smash on toasted sourdough
with haloumi - $13.90

The avocado smash was all right. I think it may lack a little of flavour or dressing to blend all the haloumi and avocado smash together. Just a little bit dry for me, unfortunately. 

As for MXM's haloumi stack, I was tempted by the aroma of the grilled tomatoes. He seemed to enjoy them!

Local haloumi with tomato, grilled eggplant, garlic butter mushrooms, locally
made relish and toasted sourdough - $15.90

Our meeting at Esher St was a good one, with much to catch up on MXM's future plans.

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