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Warawara Izakaya

Warawara Izakaya, Brisbane CBD
On a weekend back in Brisbane, the Mr and myself had dinner in the CBD. Tossing between Japanese and a variety of Korean restaurants, we finally walked up the stairs to Warawara Izakaya (after near heated discussion). Neither of us have visited Warawara and we got no clue how their system work or even what food is good! Their ordering system is similar to Mad Tong San, pressing the buzzer when ready to order.
Well, we followed the advice of the waiter and ordered the black bean noodles, while I ordered sushi and Mr ordered the okonomiyaki. While waiting for the mains to arrive, we were served with small plates of kimchi and tofu (which was yummy!). We wanted more of the tofu but it ran out and they served this 'jelly-like' dish below. 

Both of us enjoy soft shell crab sushi and I ordered one to try. It is quite different and I am not sure what kind of sauce is poured over the sushi. It tasted pretty good.

We enjoyed their seafood black bean sauce n…