Tazza Coffee

Tazza Coffee, West End
What used to be Cup coffee has now changed to Tazza coffee in West End. Quite a while ago, on a hot summer day, MXM and myself visited Tazza for some brekkie. Known for its good coffee, MXM had the iced long black while I myself could not resist their own specialty chai tea. 

Ice Long Black

Iced Chai Tea
The iced chai tea was all right. I would still prefer the usual warmed chai tea as the ice had diluted the 'creaminess' and flavour of the tea.

The breakfast meals in Tazza are quite simple and I opted for the 'avocado mash with feta cheese and mushroom' while MXM had the 'roasted pumpkin with poached eggs'. 


Overall, the meals here are fresh and simple and they were delightful. MXM has always been quite fond of their coffee. :)

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