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Jacu Espresso

Jacu Espresso, Camp Hill Recently, MXM has been very keen in playing tennis, so we caught up one day and fuel ourselves with caffeine and sugar prior to our tennis session. Haha! As we are both pretty amateur, we spent most of the time picking and collecting the balls...

Well, MXM took me to Jacu cafe in Camp Hill, and this cafe is situated at the junction of the main roads, with some parking spots available in the building. Unbeknownst to me, I just realised that 'Jacu' is a type of bird that eats on coffee beans which then poo the perfectly processed beans. Does that sound similar to 'kopi luwak'?

There were plenty of options to choose from and I had a difficulty time deciding. Finally, I just went ahead with the poached eggs, toasted Turkish fingers with housemade dukkah, while MXM had the brioche french toast with the whipped ricotta.
My meal was very simple and I was not that impressed with it. The housemade dukkah was certainly the winner of the component of this mea…

Gertrude and Mabel

Gertrude and Mabel, Woolloongabba
I enjoy my days off and one day, I took the time to visit my old neighbourhood in Dutton Park/Highgate Hill and I noted the small little cute cafe around the corner. Parking is available on the street parking and quite ample. Gertrude and Mabel is delicately decorated and I enjoyed the small little details like cloth napkins on the table.
Reading through the menu, there were only 6 breakfast options making elimination fairly easy. Finally I ordered the loukaniko (pork sausages) meal with a cup of flat white.
My flat white was quite good, but I was more distracted by my pork sausages meal. Who would have thought that sausages can be beautifully presented like that? I thoroughly enjoyed every element of the meal individually, and even better when I mixed the smashed peas with a piece of sausage with the mayo or the goat's cheese. Yum!

The service here is attentive and I think Gertrude and Mabel is certainly a gem in this neighbourhood. :)

Jam Pantry

The Jam Pantry, Greenslopes Nims, who used to own Comfort of My Table in Milton, recently opened a new cafe known as 'The Jam Pantry' in Greenslopes. Well, I have been following her through Instagram and the moment I knew she will be opening Jam Pantry, I tried to make time to visit her cafe. At least twice now!
On my first visit, I just returned from my rural placement for a couple of days off, and I took the opportunity to visit Jam Pantry. Parking can be difficult and it is only street parking that is available.
As soon as I walked into the cafe, I knew that I will have good home-cooked, comfort meals. Straying from their usual menu, I opted to browse through their 'flip chalk board' and chose 'The Fritters'.
The fritters of that week was zucchini fritters with asparagus, bacon, poached eggs and beetroot jam. I was dumbfounded when I saw this meal coming to my table! It was rustically presented and the serving was generous. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of …

Aspley Oriental Chinese Restaurant

Aspley Oriental, Aspley
I have been working away from Brisbane and anytime when time permits, I will return to Bris-Vegas. The craving for Chinese food has been quite high as it is difficult to find near authentic Asian food in small towns away from Brisbane. One night, we celebrated Mr's Dad's birthday dinner at Aspley Oriental Chinese Restaurant.

As there were four of us, we ordered one of the dinner banquet available with addition of few side dishes. Lol, the waitress/manager was quite surprised because we ordered lots of food that night. 

First up, for entree we ordered salt and pepper soft shell crab. They were so moreish and I certainly wish we could have more!

I was certainly happy that night devouring the meals and satisfying my craving for chinese food! The steamed fish was excellent. The fish was really fresh and cooked to perfection. Yum! That soft silky tofu with seafood served with rice was so good! The criticism I had that night was that the green beans was overly s…