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Deedot Coffee House

Deedot Coffee House, Holland Park
Food blogging is slowly becoming an effort these days, especially being away from home and the fact that I will be far far away next month. Hopefully I will get to nourish myself with some delicious and comfort food before I leave and live in the 'desert'...
Well, on one of my days off, I visited Deedot Coffee House in Holland Park, prior to my trip to Spotlight for some sewing materials. Parking is abundant on the street and it is a short walk to the cafe, which mostly have alfresco dining area.
I made my order at the counter and proceed to one of the tables. Quickly enough, my flat white and my meal arrived.

The coffee was pretty good, and drinking coffee on my days like these is a luxury, in comparison to the instant coffee available at work. 
I have not had Eggs Benny for a while now, so I opted for the classic breakfast. Deedot cafe served choices of either bacon, mushrooms, ham or smoked salmon on their freshly toasted Turkish bread. 
I enjoy…