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Emilia's Pasticceria

Emilia's Pasticceria E Deli Italiano, Gympie
This must have been the most visited cafe I visited whilst I was in Gympie! Maybe four times? I have recently completed my work here in Gympie, working as a night owl and changing my circardian rhythm. Some days, after a busy shift, I will treat myself to good delicious treats and coffee from Emilia's, which is THE place to go!
Emilia's is an Italian influenced cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and plenty of sweet desserts. The menu is up on their chalkboard on the wall. They do sell some imported rare Italian produced in the cafe that I have yet to try.
Well, I have sampled at least one of their breakfast, lunch and dessert choices and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. My housemate, Anne first visited this place and claimed how good their panini was! I had to try it and I had the 'chicken, fontina, dukkah, eggplant and sweet potato' panini. The serving was huge, filling and delicious. At $14.50, it was worth the deal!
On ot…

Pizza Capers

Pizza Capers
Pizza Capers had recently introduced a new pizza base: 'Rustico Thin Base'! Lucky me that Pizza Capers is just a walking distance from my home and the Mr and myself had a lovely walk to pick up the pizza with the new base!
I am usually a fan of thick or normal base pizza, so that I would be quite full after a few pieces and not indulged on a whole pizza if it was a thin based pizza... So when I had the opportunity to indulge on the new rustico thin base, I said 'Yes!'.
Decision making was tough as there are so many options to choose from! The Mr has his own likes and dislikes and with mine combined, we finally opted for 'The pulled Porknado'; which includes pulled pork, crispy bacons, pepperoni on a BBQ sauce base. 

Hmm... Our concensus of the pizza itself was okay. While the toppings were satisfactory, the pizza base may be quite dry to our liking. The level of 'thin-ness' has made it quite crispy especially on the edges, and certainly not sui…

Mighty Mighty

Mighty Mighty, Fortitude Valley Meeting up with Simco has been quite a challenge despite him returning to Brisbane to work since January this year. My current work, in which I had to travel away pretty frequently certainly made things more difficult. Well, after much cross-matching our schedule, we finally made it to dinner at Mighty Mighty, a restaurant that focuses on American BBQ and smokehouse cuisine.

Trying to indulge on a variety of food, we started off with the ‘Jalapeno corn bread’. It was pretty good, not overly dry or spicy, and better with its soft, creamy butter. 

Mighty Mighty has a wine and beer list that is very intriguing. Not a beer fan and with reduced alcohol tolerance, I opted for the ginger beer, which in fact was alcoholic. It was gingery and sweet…. As for Simco, he had the Mocha Porter, which has a stronger taste in flavour and he seemed to enjoy it.

Well, now for our mains! The ‘Devil Dripped Pork Ribs’ caught my eye immediately and it was easy for me to make a d…

Chester Street Bakery

Chester Street Bakery and Bar, Fortitude Valley

Going out to a restaurant and café especially on a public holiday is a risky one. I guess it all depends on which café we choose though. On the Anzac public holiday, MXM and myself decided to go to Chester Street Bakery for brunch. We had to wait long, really long for seats and for our food to arrive. I was so tempted to order one of its colourful cake on display just to satisfy my hungry stomach.

As it was quite a warm day, I ordered one of its pressed juices while MXM had his usual long black; both reasonably good.

As for our meals, I had the 'falafel with poached eggs, spinach and tahini yoghurt'. I was not impressed at all looking at my meal.

At a glance, I knew my poached eggs have been overcooked, and it is like eating hard boiled eggs. Without the oozing egg yolk, the dish was extremely dry, more so with the minimal amount of sauce, fresh spinach and dry falafel. I could not make myself to finishing my meal. I was disappointed…

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian, Brisbane CBD
Well, the day has finally arrived that I stepped into Jamie's Italian and have lunch there! Yay! I have always been a fan of Jamie Oliver's and I was indeed ecstatic when we were heading there for lunch. Miss Lainey and myself had time off that day and decided to spend some girls time in the city.
I have read reviews that it is difficult to get seats for walk-ins. The experienced Lainey (who had visited Jamie's few times) suggested that we wait at the bar while waiting for our seats. While waiting for our table (15 minutes or so), we ordered some nibbles from the bar. So, we ordered polenta chips while waiting for our seats in the restaurant. It came pretty promptly and I have to admit, that was my first time trying polenta chips! I quite enjoyed the freshly grated parmesan cheese on the crispy, not overly dry polenta chips. I just found it to be a little salty, but otherwise enjoyable.
Reading the menu, there was so many options for the past…