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Chin Chin

Chin Chin, Melbourne CBD
These days, conference seem to be the only opportunity for me to travel out of Brisbane. The EMCORE conference this year was held in Melbourne and together with MXM, we attended this full on conference focusing on emergency topics. Phew! Luckily we managed to dose ourselves with caffeine prior to the start of day.
Dinner became our priority as we spent almost all day listening to lectures. One of my 'to-go-list' was Chin Chin. I did warned him though that there is usually a long wait.There was no exception that night and we queued and waited for at least 1.5 hours before getting our seats. (Well, we did walked around and had some crepe before dinner)
Mr Benjamin Cooper, the head chef of Chin Chin had just made an appearance in MasterChef Aus that week. Imagine my excitement when I saw a glimpse of him in the kitchen! Chin Chin's menu is simple and straight forward. For an option of 'Feed Me' and at $69 per person, a selection of favourites wil…


Plenty, West End
One of the exciting part about my job is that I get to travel and work. Well, it can be exciting at times and sometimes not (especially when I am really really far away from home and do not possess a vehicle!). Good friendships are bonded during this work travel and finally Miss Jo and myself had the time to catch up!
Since she is relatively new in Brisbane, I brought her to West End market for a browse and then stopped at Plenty for some lunch. Needless to say, it was a busy Saturday and we had to wait for quite a while to get seats.
Unlike most cafes or restaurants, their ever-changing and seasonal menu is up on the wall. Trust me, it is not easy deciding on A MEAL, because they all sound so good.

After standing at the counter for at least 5 minutes, I finally decided on the duck egg, cotechino sausage with fried chickpea salad; with my usual flat white. As for Miss Jo, she went for the sweet option and had the twice cooked french toast with poached quince. Our drinks (…

Rogue Bar and Bistro

Rogue Bar and Bistro, Newstead
Writing blogs jog my memory not only about the food I had, but also to bring me back to the  moments I had with my company. Rogue Bar and Bistro is one of my favourite restaurant although I had visited this place once only. Finally, the Mr and myself both had the time together for dinner at Rogue. Street parking is ample and it was so convenient. 
The menu in Rogue Bar is quite simple, mainly with the name of the protein for each meal. For example: pig, fish, poultry and many more... Reading through the menu, we decided on two entrees, two main meals and three side dishes. We do tend to order our 'frequent flyers' and there was no exception that night. For entrees, we had the calamari and the duck dumplings. 

The lightly battered calamari was cooked to perfection, really tender and soft. The squid ink aioli with the pickled onion were a nice addition to the dish. Delicious!

Well, what about the duck dumplings or wantons? They were crispy and I think…