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REVIEW: PappaRich

PappaRich, Brisbane CBD

'A Union of Indian, Chinese and Native Influences'  by the Mr

We have all been there before. You have been slaving away at your homework and studying for hours when you and your study group realize it is time for lunch. In a group of students, everyone is bound to have a taste for something different. So, where do you go to make sure everyone is satisfied?

Brisbane first PappaRich restaurant serves Malaysian hawker-style food, but the setting and business model are from a different planet. PappaRich may be seen as a newcomer to Wintergarden in the Brisbane City, where it landed a few months ago, this franchise has Malaysia covered and is rolling through worldwide including China, Singapore and now Australia. 
Inside, tables are filled with mix of students, young families and a few reassuring groups of older Asian diners. The restaurant is decked out in black veneer and polished glass with the etches imaging of a smiling Pappa holding a cup of tea, which remi…