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Yum Cha Cuisine

Yum Cha Cuisine, Westfield Garden City Quite a while ago, the in-laws took me to Yum Cha Cuisine in Garden City for my birthday dinner in September. There are a number of Yum Cha Cuisine branches and the one inGarden City was the only one I have visited so far. It was busy that night, however the service was still impeccable. 
We ordered one of the set dinner, which was served with free soup and steamed rice. Besides that, we had additional small meals from the dim sum menu (still available during dinner service). Things to note is that, if we bring in our own personal tea leaves, the surcharge is $1/pax rather than the price of $2.50/pax. 

My cravings for sweet and sour pork continues during the pregnancy and it is a must order if we go out for Chinese cuisine. That night we had something similar, and I must say, I was satisfied. Other meals on our table include the roast chicken, seafood tom yum tofu, sizzling fish and black bean pork noodles. 

We were happy with all the dishes that nig…


Longtime, Fortitude Valley Longtime has been on my wishlist for a very long time and finally, I had the chance to visit it with MXM, who is a frequent diner here. He must have tried almost all of Longtime's cocktails! Hehe! While he prefers a hint of chilli in his drink, I opted for something more refreshing with no alcohol. We sipped on our drinks outside while waiting to be seated.
Luckily after about 30 minutes wait, we got our seat on the kitchen bench and it was exciting watching all the calm actions in the kitchen. Our friendly bartender/waitstaff had our order and I could not wait for our meals to arrive!

First up were the Longtime's bao (chicken, pork and soft shell crab). I did not try the soft shell crab bao because crab is considered a 'no no' in pregnancy having afraid that the baby will have 11 fingers!! Well, I had some during first trimester and Little G has 10 toes and 10 fingers... Back to their baos: They were pretty small in size and I thought the flavo…

Vintaged Bar and Grill

Vintaged Bar and Grill, Brisbane CBD
Pardon me for the slow updates and reviews in Memories Treasure Chest! Recently, we just welcomed a new addition to our family and parenthood is so new, exciting and challenging at the same time. While the Little G is asleep now, and I myself not feeling sleepy, I thought I should just catch up on this blog!

The Mr had his birthday celebration this year in Vintaged Bar and Grill, located in Hilton Brisbane hotel. The visit was new for both of us and I was amazed at how big and spacious Vintaged is. Once seated, we browsed through the menu and made our order. For me it is quite simple tossing between fish or chicken as I need to have fully cooked protein while the Mr chose the steak.

First off, we were given complimentary bread with a side spread (possiblycapsicum based) and I thoroughly enjoyed them. 

Next off, we tried one of the their special entree of the month/season and chose the chicken with couscous. Although the serving size was small, it was r…

Republic Coffee Traders

Republic Coffee Traders, Woolloongabba
Republic Coffee Traders seem to be one of the few cafes that open on a public holiday. As mom is super keen to visit a cafe before they fly back to Penang, I took them there and RCT blended well among the industrial shops or company in that area. Street parking was plenty that day.
They have an all-day menu and I certainly had a difficult time deciding what to have for breakfast! Everything just seems so interesting and attractive. Anyhow, the word 'crusted egg' caught my attention and I could not steer away from it. Mom and grandma shared the omelette with pulled duck.
But first off, a cup of latte for grandma and cappuccino for mom while I had the chai latte. Grandma is certainly keeping herself updated with the current trend of drinking coffee and not having her usual 'kopi-o' aka black coffee that she usually get from the hawker stores back in Penang. 

Soon after, our meals arrived and they were beautifully presented. The crusted…

Golden Lane

Golden Lane, Sunnybank
Looks like there is a new yum cha restaurant in Brisbane! Golden Lane just opened last Sunday and currently offer 10% discount for the first week. Together with the in-laws, we visited this busy restaurant yesterday. We had to wait for about 15-20 minutes before our table is ready. The tableware is all new, with dipping sauces (chilli oil, vinegar, soy sauce) on the side. However, I did note that the tablecloth is a little dirty...
Anyhow, straight to their menu! They offer some yum cha selection, together with congee, noodles, rice noodles and stir-fry dishes; or if you are keen, you can select dishes from their BIG colourful printed menu. As for us, we ordered from their paper menu and handed it over to the waitstaff. Do not be surprised if the waitstaff start using their mobile phone while working... From my observation, they were taking our order through a mobile app.  :)

Some of our meals came by quickly and after some reminder, our steamed yum cha meals start…

Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-Mai, Annerley
Grandma and mom came over to visit me a couple of months ago! It was certainly nice to have them here and have popo's homecooked food. It was then my time to treat them to some local food, and that day, popo craved for some noodle soup. I took them to Cafe O-Mai for lunch and ordered pho for popo.
Firstly, we tried their fresh pork and prawn spring rolls, followed by some crispy roast pork. I have tried their roast pork banh mi in the past, and their roasted pork was just so moreish that should not be missed. Therefore, I ordered some for us to try. Yum!

The chicken pho was served in a rather large serving and luckily we ordered two main meals to share between three of us. Popo seemed to enjoy the chicken pho with its generous servings of shredded chicken breast.

On the other hand, I ordered the 'com ga nuong' aka chargrilled lemongrass chicken served with fresh salad and rice. The grilled chicken was extremely tender and flavourful!

Cafe O-Mai has been one…