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REVIEW: Mister Fritz

Mister Fritz, Fortitude Valley

Mister Fritz's bright neon lights caught our eyes from far away. After driving it past for multiple times, Simco and myself finally made our way there after dinner. We have got no idea of this establishment and how Mister Fritz works... We just know it sells ICE CREAM! 
The main concept about Mister Fritz is 'ice-cream sandwich'. We get to choose our own cookies followed by any ice cream flavour they offer, and if interested, choose additional toppings for our ice-cream cookie. 

There were few cookies option ranging from nutella, chocolate chip, plain, M&M's and sprinkles; and I opted for the choc chip and nutella based cookies. LOL, I could not remember the funky name for my ice-cream, but it was 'milk and cookies'. 

Well, at a price of $7, I got my ice cream sandwich and thankfully it seems polite to eat it with a spoon! 

The concept of making your own ice cream sandwich is novel and fun. However, the ice-cream flavours are quite…

Lobster Bar and Grill

Lobster Bar and Grill, Shangri-La Hotel, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Dear readers, I am finally back to the blogging world after being stagnant for the last 6 months or so! After a stint in Mt Isa working, I have been busy juggling work while trying to organise my wedding with the Mr. I cannot believe it but it has been more than 2 months since marriage. :)
After our tea ceremony and wedding reception in Penang, we stopped by in Hong Kong for our mini honeymoon, and the Mr surprised me with a dinner date at Lobster Bar and Grill in the Shangri-La Hotel. While it may be a bar, there is a dedicated section of restaurant for diners like us to have dinner. Knowing that we are newlyweds and currently enjoying our honeymoon, the waiter seated us in a half circular table at a quieter corner.
Well, let's get to the food! Since their specialty is LOBSTER, I could not miss not having some. While we were discussing and tossing what to eat, a waiter placed a basket of bread delicacies in front of us, w…