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Kitchen Inn

Kitchen Inn, Calamvale
Hubby's mom recently bought a voucher online for Kitchen Inn, knowing that I enjoy Malaysian meals. Finally after having some free time, we made our way to Calamvale. I rarely travel so far down south and it was a joyous moment when we found this restaurant! (LOL, as we were starving by then)

It was pretty packed on a Saturday night and as we walked past tables of diners, I noted that most people ordered their famous handmade noodles dish. After browsing through the menu, the four of us decided to try different meals, and decided to order FIVE dishes!
Well well well... We certainly did not want to miss out on their special dish and had the Signature 'Kampua Special'. It comes with their handmade noodles, served with BBQ pork and roast pork in a dry sauce. I had to say that it was actually pretty delicious. I enjoyed the stringy noodles with the crunchy pork belly... 

Since it is a Malaysian restaurant, we ordered the usual suspects of 'char koay teow


Ponycat, New Farm
It has been a while since my last visit to Ponycat, and together with hubby, we visited this cafe (a few months ago now). It was not busy when we got there, and finally after browsing the chalk-board menu, we made our choices promptly. It was quite easy to decide and we opted for the avocado with toast; as well as the fritters.

While hubby is steering clear from caffeine, I ordered a chai tea to start with. I remembered my previous chai tea here and have always been a fan. Their addition of cinnamon added more flavour to the chai tea.

Soon after, our meals arrived. Hubby had the avocado and feta on toasts while I had the fritters, corn and poached eggs. The addition of pomegranate certainly added a sweet crunchy texture to the avocado toasts. My poached eggs were cooked to perfection and I certainly enjoyed the sweetness of the corn with the sauce on the fritters.

Overall, we had a good time at Ponycat and it was made better with the air-conditioned atmosphere. :)