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The Priory

The Priory, Woolloongabba I have heard so much of The Priory and the Mr finally had a weekend off from work and we went over there for breakfast. As we were fairly new to the area, we just parked on the next street and walked there, not knowing there is on-site parking. I certainly utilised the free parking on my second visit.
You could smell the fresh paintupon entering The Priory. The design and layout are fresh and clean. It was not busy that morning, and we got seated fairly quickly and soon made our orders. Their menu is fairly simple with some specials of the day. 

The Mr had the 'Eggs Priory' with the beetroot cured ocean trout and I had the 'Pan Fried Mushrooms' as I was craving for mushrooms that day! My chai brewed with milk came in a plunger and I quite enjoyed it, although the chai strength can be stronger.

Not long after, our meals arrived and they were presented beautifully. I was certainly satisfied with its portion size, since I was eating for two people! M…

Colour Me Flavour

Colour Me Flavour, Woolloongabba Back when I was still at work, my friendly superiors invited me for lunch at Colour Me Flavour, which is just a walking distance from Mater Hospital. I was confused by the name of this place when I first received the text message: 'Lunch at Colour Me' thinking whether it could be related to kids' food etc ... After consulting Mr Google, I realised that Colour Me Flavour specialises in modern Indian cuisine, this consolidated when I saw the interior design of this place.
The varied lunch options were tantalizing enough that I was tempted to try a few of them. At a price ranging from $15- $16, I think it is relatively good. I was tossing between the pakoras but at the end, submitted to the stuffed naan. 

The meal was beautifully constructed, with the lamb shish on a piece of roti, served with some sour cream and chutney. Thechutney quite spicy, well balanced by the sour cream. I don't think I have tried endive before, so I was not accustome…