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Botanica, Red Hill
I was intrigued by a shop while walking to Plum Tucker, unbeknownst to me it was Botanica. The wide opened see through glass panel was showcasing beautiful bakeries and delicacies. After the brunch at Plum Tucker, I was tempted and walked into Botanica.
Now checking their website, I just realised that all the sweets are gluten free. Maybe that is why they tasted different. Besides the sweets and some tarts, they do offer fresh salads, and I saw lots of people buying them!
Ordering the sweets can be challenging because there were no tags or labels on them. I had to asked the staff member each of the desserts on offer. Thankfully, she was patientand happy to assist. In the end, I bought a strawberry cupcake, a passionfruit melting moment and lastly, chocolate cake/brownie.

I really enjoyed the melting moment which was crumbly and that is how I like them. The cupcake was delicious too but I could not make myself finish the icing. I thought the chocolate cake/brownie was al…

Plum Tucker

Plum Tucker, Red Hill A friend has recently moved back from Mackay to Brisbane and it was time for catching up! As she lives in Northside while I am in the Southside, we tried to meet halfway and suggested Plum Tucker in Red Hill. I rarely venture to this area and I found parking to be quite stressful - unless there is parking spots available behind the complex (thankfully I did after a few rounds).
Service was prompt and since there were few seats available, I was able to choose. The seats are all outdoor and it can be quite hot considering Brisbane's crazy hot summer. I ordered fresh juice, if remembered correctly was the 'Ginger Ninja' consisting of orange, ginger, carrot and lemon while Ade had coffee.

My meal of poached eggs with toast and addition of chorizo arrived. While the eggs were poached to perfection, the serving size was small considering I was eating for two that time. Ade had the burger. I tried some of hers and it was tasty and flavourful. 

I think Plum Tucke…

7 Palace Yum Cha

7 Palace Yum Cha, Inala
Shortly after the opening of Golden Lane, another Chinese Yum Cha restaurant known as 7 Palace opens in Inala. My MIL who reads Chinese newspaper noted that there will be 10% discount during the first month of their opening (this was last year) and we visited them that time. The restaurant is situated in Inala Plaza and parking can actually be quite difficult to find despite the huge parking lot.
The restaurant is really spacious and open. As it is a Vietnamese Chinese restaurant, the workers don't really converse in Mandarin or Cantonese, except for the manager and a few of the waitstaff. Since we were there for the dim sums, we were quite keen to try what they have on offer. Oh my, we certainly had a lot and even order one fried rice from the menu. 
We had the usual suspects like 'har gow', 'chee cheong fun', 'BBQ pork bun', 'egg tarts' and other dumplings on offer. It is really a hit and miss for us. Some were tasty and some …

Bruno's BNE

Bruno's BNE, Annerley
Bruno's BNE is a fairly new cafe in the suburb of Annerley and I visited this cafe during my maternity leave. Lol, what else can a pregnant lady do except eat eat eat?! There was a long to-do-list before the bub arrives, however I procrastinated by eating out...
Bruno's is located next to a park and there is plenty of street parking. The design is fairly modern with a communal table in the middle. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly waitress and proceeded to the communal table. After browsing the menu, I opted for the 'Hash and Eggs'.

While waiting for it to arrive, I sipped on my chai latte, which was quite nice. 

Soon after, my meal arrived. It consisted of beef hash, with two poached eggs, chive creme fraiche and caramelised onions. While the hash may looked burnt due to its colour, I could not taste it. The beef hash seemed to be made of minced beef mixed with potatoes. While it was crispy, I was not excited about this hash. I needed mor…